The 16 Best Tactical Self Defense Flashlight Baton USA 2022

best self defense flashlight baton USA

What is a self defense flashlight baton? It is a hybrid of two of the market’s most useful personal safety products, flashlights, and expandable batons, designed to provide you with superior protection while helping to illuminate your path. The Home Security Superstore carries tons of self-defense tactical flashlights (tactical gadgets) all-around protection when you need it most, armed with baton capabilities.

A self defense flashlight baton is a good weapon to carry in your car or purse. You never know when you’re going to walk through a dark parking lot or you’re going to find yourself in a dimly lit alley.

The safety flashlights of today are built to forcefully hit an attacker, incapacitating them before you can get away. Other choices include beautiful features and even pepper spray, so you’re ready for anything.

To find out more about what you’re searching for, browse through our vast range of self-defense flashlight batons. In all shapes, sizes, and colors, we listed tactical flashlight batons specifically designed for men, children, women, and law enforcement officers. A nightstick flashlight is an economical solution to your safety needs that, when you’re not around, will not leave you worried about protecting the weapon.

guard dog security stun gun

With this Guard Dog Security flashlight + stun gun combination metal baton, Bash, blind and stun the attacker. The 18.75-inch reach of this flashlight, nightstick, and concealed, powerful stun gun packs 7.5 million volts of electricity.

The self defense flashlight baton has 260 lumens of bright white light, blinding the intruder and illuminating the darkest corners effectively. Stuns emit a loud electrifying shock with the push of a button with no apparent probes.

This Guard Dog safety stun gun is made of aluminum alloy type III aircraft grade and has a switch to avoid accidental firing and to keep the device protected from kids and unintentional usage.

The shockproof body allows for durability and longevity while recharging capabilities allow versatility for the car and wall chargers. You’re in good hands with the industry-exclusive Guard Dog baton, tactical flashlight, and a hidden stun gun, whether you’re on guard or only using the Titan as a personal protection device. This is one of the best self-defense gadgets for men and women.

  • Full metal 18.75″ x 1.45″ body
  • High voltage stun capability
  • 3 flashlight settings
  • Safety switch & clasp clip
  • Rechargeable
  • Buy At Amazon.

2. Police Force 12,000,000 Tactical Stun Baton

police force 12,000,000 tactical stun baton

One incredible self-defense tool is the Police Force 12,000,000 Metal Tactical Stun Flashlight. The police force tactical stun baton has been used by security forces for years. It is planned to deliver efficiency of tactical and technical grade.

Coming in a two-stun gun bundle package, this is a must-have when it comes to dealing with attackers and offenders for any security officer who wants to be ahead. The power of the unit comes from two lithium batteries that are removable and rechargeable.

This self defense flashlight baton is a weapon of choice for its military-grade aluminum body, extremely bright tactical flashlight, and powerful stunning ability. Most multi-functional batons are excellent for display, but there is a shortage of one or more areas.

This model is the exception and its performance is excellent. If you want good results and high performance, then this is a must-have product for you. Buy At Amazon.

  • Triple Stun Technology
  • Tactical Striking Edge
  • Military Grade Aluminum Alloy
  • Blinding 3 Watt Cree LED Light
  • 5 light modes
  • Wall Charger & Removable
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Holster and Wrist Strap Included

3. Sabre Tactical Series Stun Gun With Led Flashlight

Sabre Tactical Series Stun Gun With Led Flashlight

With the SABRE Tactical Series Stun Gun with LED Flashlight, stay safe and prepared. Stun gun provides an industry-leading 2.517 μC (Microcoulombs) charge when faced with an attacker to maximize your self-protection

Safety switch prevents accidental discharge. The bright 130 Lumen LED flashlight helps to locate door locks in the dark easily or find essentials in a pocket or purse.

When you need it, the built-in rechargeable battery allows for multiple uses and power. Recharge the device with the charging cable included, saving the cost and wasting of batteries.

The self defense flashlight baton requires a holster to be kept discreetly and conveniently for quick access in a purse or loop on a belt. Empower yourself when you most need it, with incredible stopping power. Buy At Amazon.

4. O-mega Stun Guns Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000v

O-mega Stun Guns Star Warrior Stun Gun 150,000v

The O-Mega Stun Gun is regarded as the industry’s most powerful and best-engineered stun gun. Something straight out of a science fiction movie is a one-of-a-kind product. In reality, in many major box office hit Superhero movies, you’ve probably seen it featured.

A blinding show of electricity and sound electrifies the entire shaft 360 degrees. At any touchpoint around the shaft, the product stuns, so you can use it from any direction and angle.

With 2.9V batteries attached, it is approximately 18 inches (480mm) long and weighs 2.75 lb. It is designed to be heavy-duty and robust. Most special forces, animal control departments, and law enforcement around the world use the O-Mega Star Warrior and have been dutifully tested in the field for over 20 years.

This self defense flashlight baton is one of the best items ever made to stop dog attacks and other violent animal attacks. O-Super A.K.A. Mega Stun makes the best items in the world for electronic self-defense. Buy At Amazon.

5. Streetwise Lightning Rod 7,000,000 Stun Stick

Streetwise Lightning Rod 7,000,000 Stun Stick

Without fear of attacks, this streetwise stun baton ensures you walk through the streets. You can never go wrong with the item with a package option at a reduced price.

This self defense flashlight baton, at 18 inches long, helps you to protect yourself while holding you away from your attacker at a safe distance. It generates a strong and effective current that is sufficient to keep down any attacker and make them surrender.

You can buy one for your home and one for your vehicle with the option of two stun batons at a reduced price. And yes, the long-range provides easy entry, ensuring that you are always prepared.

Whenever you need it, the LED flashlight provides a compact source of illumination and removes the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight. To save you money on batteries, the recharge cord (included) plugs into a regular wall socket. See At Amazon.

6. Police Force 9,200,000 Volt Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight

Police Force 9,200,000 Volt Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight

With the launch of their patented Police Force 9,200,000 Tactical Stun Flashlight, Streetwise Security is raising the bar once again. This may just be the best tactical portable Stun Flashlight today on the market.

Although it is only around 6.5 inches long, twice its size, it packs the power usually found in units. The PF9200BK can be depended on to provide you with a lifetime of protection and security using advanced technologies to produce a superior tactical stun flashlight.

The aluminum alloy of Military Grade protects the Police Force from harm so that it can still be able to defend you. See At Amazon.

7. Mitaki-japan Rechargeable 300,000v Heavy-duty Stun Gun With Led Flashlight

Mitaki-japan Rechargeable 300,000v Heavy-duty Stun Gun With Led Flashlight

300,000V Heavy-Duty Stun Gun, Baton, and LED Flashlight Feature built-in rechargeable battery, On/Off/light selector, stun rods, keyring, and UL certified adapter. See At Amazon.

  • Item Weight: 11.2 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 7.25 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches.

8. Police Force 9,000,000 Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight

Police Force 9,000,000 Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight

Image Source:

The Police Force 9,000,000 Metal Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight by Streetwise Security Items might just be the tactical protection tool you have been waiting for, whether you are a law enforcement officer or a homeowner protecting your property and loved ones.

This self defense flashlight baton model is made of military-grade aluminum alloy, unlike rubber and plastic stun batons that are so prevalent on the market today, so it can take (or give!) quite a beat without harming the device. This device is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery and includes three powerful self-defense weapons:

  1. Military-grade aluminum alloy baton.
  2. Powerful stun baton.
  3. Blinding 3 watt Cree led light with 5 light modes. Buy At Amazon

9. Streetwise 9,000,000 Barbarian Stun Baton Flashlight

Streetwise 9,000,000 Barbarian Stun Baton FlashlightImage Source:

You will surely be prepared to easily avoid any kind of present-day barbarian mad enough to attack you when you outfit yourself with this wild-looking stun baton implementing the advanced Triple Stun technique.

In reality, Streetwise Products has incorporated a spiked, highly efficient stun gun baton and blinding flashlight to create the most terrifying stun baton on the market today.

The highly efficient light beam aimed at your attacker will stop an encounter from escalating several times. If it is not enough to only point the bright light in their direction, then shining the incredibly brilliant light beam directly into the eyes of the opponent will definitely cause temporary confusion and diminished eyesight and allow you time to run away.

If these first 2 techniques are not capable of preventing an aluminum baton strike or an impact from the highly successful 9,000,000 stun probes from your attacker, it will certainly be. For your home, car, or company, flexible and efficient security! Buy Now.

10. Stun Master 12,000,000 Volts Stun Gun

Stun Master 12,000,000 Volts Stun Gun by Safety Technology

Stun Master 12,000,000 Volts Stun Gun has stopping capacity at 12,000,000 volts. The rubberized coating provides a solid grip and the side strips that deliver a powerful shock to anyone who might attempt to grab it from you.

It is rechargeable and has a 3-function super bright flashlight with 3 high beam, low beam, and strobe modes. The stun gun has a wrist strap with a pin that disables the function of the stun gun if you are taken away during an attack.

3 Light Modes: High Bean – Low Beam – Strobe
Contents: 1) Stun Gun 2) Nylon Holster 3) Wall Charger 4) Disable Safety Pin. Buy At Amazon.

11. VIPERTEK - 300,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun Baton with LED Flashlight & Alarm

VIPERTEK - 300,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun Baton with LED Flashlight & Alarm

Heavy Duty Stun Baton with LED Flashlight and Built-in Alarm (130dB). When stretched, 21 inches long and when compressed, 12.75 inches.

With the click of a button, it extends quickly. Rechargeable Internal Battery – No costly batteries to purchase. Buy On Amazon.

12. Rechargeable Stun Gun 3 Function Flashlight and Holster

Rechargeable Stun Gun 3 Function Flashlight and Holster

That’s one of the greatest stun guns of all time. This is because of its unique properties, which make it secure and efficient for the consumer. Its high voltage and maximum power, for example, make it simple for the customer to use.

This self defense flashlight baton is also rechargeable with a charging cord included, much like any stun gun. Then again, when taken out, the wrist strap safety pin disables the device. Later on, the exclusive item comes in a beautiful gift box that is easy to send to a loved one as a gift.

The price of this beautiful material is pocket-friendly, of course. Surely, you do not miss buying this piece. Buy On Amazon.

13. SABRE Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

SABRE Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

In the manufacture of top-tier stun batons, Sabre is an industry leader. This unique stun baton has a powerful output that makes it suitable for use in any incident. The incredibly high stopping power ensures that the attacker is completely immobilized, allowing you to deal effectively with them.

Your attacker wreaths in agony and ceases instantly because of the unbearable pain. And yes, independently reviewed, you can trust this stunning baton to give you absolute protection. Buy At Amazon.

14. VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

VIPERTEK Heavy Duty Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

Imagine what it will do—58 billion volts? The strong shock on his/her tracks will stop a person from dying. With this VIPERTEK stun gun, you can avoid any intruder with ease and make sure you stay safe. The small equipment fits well in the purse, bag, backpack, and other locations (measures 6.5(L) x 2(W) x 1(D) inches).

Its discreet behavior won’t alert the intruder and give you more confidence, especially when walking in dangerous, dark, or isolated areas. Thick clothing can penetrate the Ultra-Sharp electrode, while the battery recharges the charge for a long period of time. Buy At Amazon.

15. VIPERTEK Rechargeable Mini Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

VIPERTEK Rechargeable Mini Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

For you to enjoy the service, some stun guns are powered by one-time batteries that need constant repurchase. To allow continuous reuse, the VIPERTEK goes a step further and uses rechargeable cells. Not only to save money but also to save the electricity as well.

This lightweight self defense flashlight baton gadget measures 2 inches long x 7/8 inches wide x 4 inches high. Inside a purse, pocket, and other small storage areas, you can carry it discreetly. The strong LED flashlight that brightens up a dark lane, corner, or ground is another matter.

Thanks to its anti-slip rubber coating, you can keep this gadget safe. It looks amazing with its pink finish, making it a fun gift to surprise young girls and teenagers. For fashionable use, they may combine and match the color with their favorite outfit. Buy At Amazon.

16. Streetwise Jolt Mega Stun Flashlight 100,000,000

Streetwise Jolt Mega Stun Flashlight 100,000,000

This self defense flashlight baton is currently the longest beautiful flashlight on the market at over 22 inches long. It enables you to protect yourself safely while maintaining a safe distance from your attacker.

The bright electric current pulsates over the top when test-fired, making an intimidating electrical sound. In its tracks, an intruder of some sense would be stopped. If he’s not stopped by sight and sound, a JOLT from this device would probably be. Buy On Amazon.


Are tactical batons legal?

Generally, batons and sticks are legal to own; however, they are not legal for civilians to use for protective purposes in many nations. In certain countries, to legitimately carry a baton, you need to be a police officer or on-duty security guard with a special permit.

Is a Baton good for self-defense?

Self defense flashlight batons are much more effective in comparison to knives, handguns, and other forms of self-defense. They are quick to use and can be hidden, so you do not need the training to learn how to use them. A baton is also a non-lethal weapon since it does not cause the victim to sustain permanent injury.

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