Top 35+ Best Upcoming VR Games 2022 for Oculus Quest 2, Pc Vr, and Psvr

top 35+ best upcoming vr games 2021 for oculus quest 2, pc vr, and psvr

Best Upcoming VR Games 2021: This year, there are a lot of VR games coming out, more than I thought, and I’m shocked at how good some of them look graphically. I’ve decided to compile a pretty complete list, with a focus on Quest games and PC VR, as many Questers often use Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop to play PC VR. I’ve also included a few good-looking PlayStation VR games, as these normally make their way to other platforms at some stage. 

1. Song In The Smoke (Survival VR Games, 1-3)

Let’s start with a game I’m super excited about. Song In The Smoke may become VR’s first real survival game with crafting, hunting, cooking, and warding off threats. The game has mystical, otherworldly beasts and art styles from the same designer from early Zelda games. So how can it go wrong? 

2. Green Hell

We’re also going to get Green Hell in VR, an open-world survival game in an Amazon Rainforest. As usual, this means you start with nothing, and you have to figure out how to battle savage humans and animal threats, hunger, thirst, and what sets this title apart is the additional dangers like fatigue, diseases, and even mental health. It is already out on PC, and it has been received well. And that makes me excited. 

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3. Jurassic World: Aftermath, Part 2

Last, in survival, we’re still waiting for Jurassic World: Aftermath, Part 2. This is like a lite Alien Predator game where the predator is raptors that you have to hide from. If you haven’t yet, check out this video on part 1 for more info. This is one of the best upcoming VR games 2021

4. System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition (Sci-fi, Cyberpunk VR Games, 4-7)

Now let’s talk about some sci-fi, Cyberpunk type of games. System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is coming to VR. This is a sci-fi shooter and roleplaying game set in a futuristic and a bit creepy setting. Originally the game was from 1999, but two years ago, the devs announced they are working on an Enhanced Edition, which looks fantastic. Now, they’ve also confirmed it will get a VR mode, built from the ground up, with mechanics inspired by Half-Life: Alyx. 

5. Hubris

Another amazing-looking sci-fi adventure is coming, Hubris. While looking for a mysterious agent, you have to survive in an unpredictable terraforming environment where you get the freedom to shoot, swim, climb and jump as you please. There are survival elements like finding resources, craft weapons and tools, and controlling vehicles and mechanical devices. It looks beautiful; I can’t wait.

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6. Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures

For PC VR, we have Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures coming out! This is a VR game entirely in a cockpit. You’ve stolen the cute research project called Ziggy, and now you have to escape with it while you fight your way through the solar system amidst intense arcade combat while managing your ship’s systems. There’s a unique story for each path. So choose your course carefully. 

7. Low-Fi

Not to be missed in this genre is Low-Fi, where you play as the sheriff of a retro-futuristic cyberpunk slum where the only inhabitants are people too poor to jack in the platform. The devs promise a massive open world with lots to do. Low-Fi was delayed a couple of times, but hopefully, it’ll come this year. 

8. Sword Reverie (RPG, MMORPG VR Games, 8-9)

Next, RPGs, my favorite genre. I have two exciting RPGs; the first up is Sword Reverie. In this JRPG inspired game, you play as the anime protagonist in a fantasy world. It has awesome sword combat and magic abilities. Keep an eye on this one. 

9. Zenith: The Last City

Second, we got Zenith: The Last City. Also, inspired by JRPGs, except this one is an MMO built for VR. So yes, think guilds, parties, raids, and world events in an open world. It focuses on action RPG combat, and you can climb and fly anywhere. The alpha was set to come this month but now has been delayed to May. 

10. Unplugged (Rhythm VR Games, 10-11)

It’s been said that music is your life’s soundtrack. So we got two new titles in this department. Unplugged is a Guitar-Hero inspired game where you play air guitar, and it has hand tracking support. The dev says it’s less about realistic guitar-playing but more about really making you feel like a rockstar. It looks awesome. 

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11. Against

AGAINST is the new game by the developers of STRIDE, and it looks like they are combining the best parts of popular rhythm games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, with their unique mechanics, like wall-running, jumping, and weapon switching. It’s very interesting looking. 

12. DeMagnete VR (Puzzle VR Games, 12-15)

Now, If you like putting pieces together, then these titles are your thing. DeMagnete VR is a magnetism-themed puzzle game. You can attract or repel objects and solve puzzles with magnetic-powered gloves.

13. Eye Of The Temple

Totally different puzzle game is Eye Of The Temple, where you will feel like Indiana Jones. With your trusty whip and torch, you have to keep your balance as you step from one moving block to another, dodge traps, and, of course, solve puzzles. 

14. Area Man Lives

This next one is fascinating looking, Area Man Lives. You are the DJ in a radio station, and you have to do your best to record commercials, interview callers, and try to piece together how your actions impact your listeners. This is your very own quirky radio drama. 

15. I Expect You To Die 2

Or become an elite secret agent who has many lives in I Expect You To Die 2. The second installment of the popular escape room game has new missions, more villains, and ingenious puzzles. 

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16. The Shore (Horror VR Games, 16-17)

Talking about dying a lot, horror games always kill me. You know it if you’ve seen our live streams. I’m not sure how you can handle it, but we do have two excellent titles coming. The Shore has you unraveling secrets while you search for your lost daughter. It’s set on a forbidden island that centers around nightmarish Lovecraftian environments and creatures. best upcoming VR games 2021.

17. Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife

In Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, you’re a Wraith, a restless undead, so you have supernatural powers to help you solve the mystery behind your death. But be aware as sinister entities hunt you. In my opinion, this is a one-of-a-kind VR horror game so far. 

18. Demeo (Dungeon Crawler VR Games, 18-20)

Another genre I love is Dungeon Crawlers because they usually have high replay value. Demeo is a turn-based dungeon crawler in a tabletop setting for up to 4 players. It’s like a lite mix of Dungeons & Dragons, Diablo 3, and Magic: The Gathering. It’s for sure one to look out for. the best upcoming VR games 2021.

19. Legendary Tales

Legendary Tales is also a four-player co-op action role-playing game in which you collect items, improve skills, and battle your way through a constantly changing dungeon. It has a physics-based fighting system which looks awesome. 

20. Ancient Dungeon VR

Last in this genre is Ancient Dungeon VR. Randomly created dungeons in a rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Don’t be fooled by its block-like graphics, as the combat and gameplay feel satisfying. You can already check out a demo on SideQuest and 

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21. Yuki (Different, Creative & Awesome VR Games, 21-26)

Next section, I have a couple of different genres in one, but they all have one thing in common. They are creative, innovative, or just different, and I like that, so I put them all together. Let’s start with Yuki, an action-packed game that blends bullet hell and rogue-lite genres. In a multidimensional anime universe, you control an action figure while dodging endless bullets and blasting bizarre creatures. It’s a game by Pixel Ripped developers, so I’m expecting something outstanding again. 

22. Maskmaker

We also got Maskmaker, by A Fisherman’s Tale developers, you play as a Maskmaker’s apprentice and learn the magic of crafting masks to immerse yourself in the intriguing, mysterious beings within the game. Their last title was pretty mind-bending good, so I hope for the same here. This is one of the best upcoming VR games 2021.

23. VR Skater

VR Skater is not a sandbox game like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but gives you a set of courses to navigate. The movement system is interesting in this one because it’s not the player who will be spinning around. Thankfully, because that sounds nauseating. It’s more about getting the freedom to do any tricks you want. Looks cool. 

24. Humanity 

Humanity is probably the strangest game on this list. It’s about group behaviors, patterns? No one really knows, but it’s by Rez Infinite, THA, and Tetris Effect’s devs Enhance Games. So I expect something nice again, perhaps something meditative? We’re going to keep an eye on the one. best upcoming VR games 2021.

25. Star Wars Pinball VR

Star Wars Pinball VR is for the Mandalorian and Star Wars classics fans. Cuz you get a fully customizable “fan cave” where you get eight pinball tables that you use to unlock Star Wars helmets, lightsabers, and other items earned by successful play. I mean, c’mon, just take my money already. best upcoming VR games 2021.

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26. Pets VR

While making this list, I bumped into Pets VR, which is your very own virtual animal daycare. Feed, play with, and train them, among other things. How can you say no to this? 

27. Hibow (Battle Royale VR Games) 

Now we have a couple of battle royale games, but have you noticed that most of them are shooters? So Hibow takes a different approach, all players are superheroes, and there is fierce arrow shooting and fluid movement. It looks very cool, and you can already try a demo out on SideQuest, and it has been received well. 

28. Rhythm of the Universe (Adventure VR Games, 28-31)

Next up, adventure games. Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA is a single-player fantasy adventure puzzle game for players of all ages. In a lush forest teeming with life, get up close with music-inspired creatures and magic. These graphics look amazingly beautiful; I can’t wait to check them out. best upcoming VR games 2021.

29. Trial By Teng: A Twilight Path

Trial By Teng: A Twilight Path Adventure is an adventure in a mystical afterlife view. There are ancient puzzles, supernatural creatures, and playful spirits. It’s by Charm Games, devs of the well-done game FORM. So look out for this one if you liked FORM. 

30. Star Wars: Part 2

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge should also come out this year that continues the first part.

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31. Sam & Max: Best Upcoming VR Games 2021

For Sam and Max, it’s all virtual this time. Like a virtual reality game, the classic crime combat duo comes back. It’s the ideal setting for these anthropomorphic characters’ comedic adventures. Particularly now that the majority of oddball games from the past work better in VR. As of now, there aren’t enough specifics to report, and players haven’t had a chance to enjoy a Sam & Max game in a long time. Sam & Max VR is coming this year in June on Quest, PC VR in 2021, and PSVR in 2022.

32. Fracked (Action, Shooters VR Games, 32-36)

Now for some heart-pumping action games. First, I’m excited about Fracked. By the creator of Phantom: Covert Ops, Fracked is a new VR action-adventure that combines relentless gunfights with free running, skiing, and climbing. It looks frantically cool. I can’t wait; these devs are usually very innovative. 

33. Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Tempestfall

From devs of The Wizards comes Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Tempestfall. An action-adventure based on the Warhammer world with various melee weapons, powerful staves, and immersive motion-based abilities and magic. I loved the graphics and magic casting mechanics in The Wizards, so I expect this here as well.

34. After the Fall

After the Fall Vertigo Games’ upcoming IP is also driving VR to its full potential. An adrenaline-pumping co-op FPS is being developed by Arizona Sunshine manufacturers in 20 years. Up to four players will enter a living, breathing world full of doom and gloom in After The Fall. Work together with other players in virtual reality to stop a legion of infected monsters from taking over this frozen wasteland. Customize your loadouts and look for the best mods for some serious firepower. It is finally coming this summer.

35. Elite Sniper VR

Elite Sniper VR This iteration of virtual reality will do the trick if a third-person game of Rebellion’s acclaimed Sniper game is not enough. Like the previous submissions, the players assume the role of a Master Marksman committed to overthrowing a totalitarian regime… in satisfying X-Ray shots. It’s pretty simple, but the joy is the perfect planning from its long list of goals.

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36. Blunt Force

Another VR game set during history’s darkest age, Blunt Force, will be released this year for the PC. The game promises a deep narrative with an action-packed campaign that follows two parallel storylines. It’s chock-full of epic set-pieces that rival Triple-A titles, except this one’s, got Virtual-Reality all over it. It’s a mix of shooter and arcade fun that lets players go guns blazing or enjoy easy shooting challenges.

Delayed or Disappeared VR Games

And, a couple of games that I’m not sure what happened with. I mean these are Lonn, Panzer Dragoon VR Remake, Ilysia,  Lone Echo II, and the next Boneworks-like game.

Oculus Gaming Showcase

However, just yesterday, Oculus announced they are coming with the first-ever virtual Oculus Gaming showcase. You can watch it on April 21st, and people are expecting news on Lone Echo II (finally), more info on the new episode of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and more. Hopefully, we’ll hear about some new stuff as well. 

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