10 Best VR Headsets Under $100, $500, and $1000 USA 2022

best vr headsets under 100

10 Best VR Headset Under $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, and $1000: When we look at how far gaming has gone in recent years, the benchmark is no better than virtual reality. Virtual reality is the newest gaming craze that has exploded in popularity in recent years. And honestly, there are some incredible products out there that take the game from being just in your hands to really immerse you in a fully virtual world.

Tips: You will find the real taste of virtual reality games if you play with a VR Omnidirectional treadmill.

However, there are a lot of amazing virtual reality headsets on the market today, as well as those that aren’t so great. It’s also difficult to know exactly what you’re getting for the money. But don’t worry, we’ve done our homework. And today, we’re going to go through ten of the best virtual reality headsets you can find, depending on your needs.

I’ll go over each one in detail in terms of functionality and benefits. And, as usual, I’ll include links to each of them below. So you can see if there’s some new pricing or availability for any of them that you’re interested in.

It can be difficult to believe the low cost of VR that you can get with only some cardboard and a smartphone. But it’s possible with the Google Cardboard. Ok, let me make it clear that Google carton is by far the worst VR.

But it’s always an adventure. And all you’ll need is some cardboard to do it. It’s completely open. It’s free and open-source. And almost everyone can put together their own cardboard setup. Simply buy a cheap third-party design for next to nothing, load up your phone with VR software, and pop the bad boy into your Google Cardboard, and you’re good to go.

Don’t expect the same level of consistency as certain real VR headsets. But it’s a very fun little project if you’re just interested in finding out, to immerse your toe into the VR universe. Check price on Amazon.

2. Google Daydream Best VR Headsets

Google’s Daydream View is a step up from Cardboard, with a lot of interesting apps/games. We honestly felt as if we were experiencing the world rather than just seeing it. Simply download the Daydream app (which immerses you in an immersive environment where you can stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other content), insert your phone into the headset, and you’re ready to go.

In this price range, the controller is the best on the market, providing you with the best possible interactive experience with your apps. It immediately turns into a sword, wand, or whatever else you want it to be if you download the right apps. It’s enjoyable to use, and it’s a viable virtual reality option for many smartphone users. Because Google added a lot more compatibility with the latest version, it has a much wider potential reach than the Samsung equivalent.

The economy, on the other hand, seems to be changing. Premium devices are becoming more affordable, and stand-alone devices are on the way. Overall, it’s a good choice for those who want a taste of what virtual reality can do, but it’ll leave more experienced customers wanting more. Check price on Amazon.

3. Samsung Gear VR

In terms of mobile-based VR, the Samsung Gear is likely to remain the best headset on the market. The Samsung Gear VR is a no-brainer if you have a Samsung phone and are on a budget – but it isn’t as inexpensive as the other models on the list. And the overall quality and experience stand out from the rest.

You won’t ruin your purchase by RAGE SMASHING it against the wall because the headset is packed with functionality and the controller is super intuitive. With a flick of your wrist, you can point, pick, and drag, making it easy to choose which show to watch while lying in bed. Comfort, functionality, and long-term durability are all high on the list.

Google’s Daydream View gets close, but the Samsung device’s content and controller quality give it the upper hand. Outside of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Samsung Galaxy owners can immerse themselves in some of the best VR action for a comparatively low price. Samsung, on the other hand, may face stiff competition from standalone devices like the Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo.

The best models for compatibility:
Galaxy Note9 (Additional Adapter required), Note8, Note FE, Note5 / Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ / Galaxy A8(2018), A8+(2018), A8 star / Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S7, S7 Edge+ / Galaxy S7, S7 Edge+ / Galaxy. Check price on Amazon.

4. Sony PlayStation VR (VR Headset PS4)

The PlayStation VR is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Move motion controllers are required for PS VR. Because Sony is trying to bring virtual reality to its PlayStation consoles. Like other virtual reality headsets on the market, PlayStation VR can completely immerse you in a video game by producing two images simultaneously and then sending them to a headset a few feet away.

But unlike competing devices that require expensive graphics cards to get the job done, Playstation VR can do it using only the PlayStation 4’s built-in GPU. PSVR also has some unique features that aren’t found on any other major headset. There’s an inline remote with power, volume, and a built-in microphone toggle button.

Headphones aren’t built directly into the hardware, but the remote has a jack for either Sony’s included earbuds or your own headphones. Move motion controllers are required for PS VR. PlayStation VR can handle 1080p games on its OLED display at up to 120Hz refresh rate depending on the VR game or application.

For those concerned about latency, Sony claims that the PlayStation VR’s response rate is around 18ms, which is about 0.002 seconds faster than the highest permissible latency before you will notice the lag in VR. Here’s no third-party PC software to install or drivers to track down, just a few screens that guide you through the setup and make any necessary updates.

Once it’s started, press the power button on the headset’s inline remote. It will turn on and project the PS4’s main menu onto a big screen in front of you, tracking your position with the headset’s lights and the PlayStation Camera. The PlayStation VR headset itself is very sleek and comfortable. The white and black exterior feels like something amazing, and it can be used for hours for any neck pain that you can feel while using other VR hardware. Check price on Amazon.

5. Merge VR Goggles

Next, I’d like to talk about the Merge VR headset, which is aimed at people aged 10 and up. Using a smartphone and the Merge headset, you can view virtual or augmented reality. Its layout is somewhat different to that of the other headsets, however, since in contrast to hard plastic or cardboard it really is only one large block of strong foam that makes a very convenient headset with its most fragile parts, the lenses actually enclosed in foam padding.

The head strap is easy to use and secures your head firmly. They made the straps and lenses entirely detachable, making individual components very easy to clean. The big nose bridge and overall space inside indicate that this is a roomy headset. The round holes around the headset help to circulate airflow and keep the lenses inside from fogging up.

Most modern Apple iOS and Android smartphones are compatible with the Merge VR headset. You don’t need to go any further than miniverse.io if you’re looking for VR or AR content. It’s a curated website with content ranging from education to music to games to 360-degree video, with both free and paid content.

After you’ve made your choice, you’ll be directed to either your device’s App Store or YouTube to continue your experience. Miniverse is continually being updated with new content, effectively making it the App Store for all of your Merge adventures. So get Merge and start investigating these realities. Check price on Amazon.

6. Destek V5 VR Headset

This headset does not connect to your phone via Bluetooth (although an additional wireless controller is optional). Instead, you are ready to move your phone physically into the headset with the built-in gyro sensor on your phone. It is very lightweight for a headset at 11.3 ounces.

With three adjustable layers and two sliding sight switches, the straps are tightly wrapped around your head to make any device easy to focus on. All around washable padding makes wearing comfortable and allows you to breathe freely without fogging up your glasses with a handy cutting on the floor.

It also has an anti-reflective and anti-blue light coating lens, which helps to prevent eye strain. The snap-close case secures your phone and prevents it from moving around when you’re playing. The first step is to scan the QR code and download the Google Cardboard app, which will give you access to a variety of virtual reality games and experiences. Check price on Amazon.

7. Oculus Quest 2- Best Standalone VR Headset

Next up is the Oculus Quest, which is the best standalone virtual reality headset. And one of the things that have really prevented a lot of people from venturing into the VR market is the fact that you need a high-powered computer or gaming console to run them. So, there you have it. The problem is ultimately solved by the Oculus quest.

Oculus VR headset is a fully standalone device powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. As a result, you’ll just need the headset and nothing else. There’s no need to bring a game console or a computer with you everywhere you go. That being said, if you do want to tether it to your PC, you do have that option and it allows you to access the full Oculus Rifts library.

In other words, you’re getting two things for the price of one. It also has some impressive specifications, including a dual 1440 by 1600 OLED LED screen with a 72-hertz refresh rate and a 90-degree field of view. Overall, if you’re looking for a great VR headset and don’t already own a gaming PC or console, this is certainly a choice worth considering. Check price on Amazon.

8. Oculus Rift S Best Premium VR Headset

Next up, we have the Oculus Rift s. And because it’s so easy to use and set up, it’s a perfect VR for those of you who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. This headset is super comfortable. It has insight monitoring Touch controllers and is a significant improvement over the original Oculus Rift.

Dual 1280 by 1440 fast switch LCD screens with an 80-hertz refresh rate will be included. That field of view will be 90 degrees as well. So, if you don’t want to deal with the technical side of things and just want to dive into the world of virtual reality, the Oculus Rift S is a great option. Check price on Amazon.

9. Htc Vive Cosmos Best VR Headset for Serious Gamers

Now, if you’re a serious gamer, the HTC Vive Cosmos could be the right fit for you. This VR headset is truly a beast, with inside-out tracking at a whopping 2880 by 1700 resolution, new LCD panels, and improved ergonomics to ensure that the headset is both comfortable and stable.

The original vive’s controllers have also been redesigned, and plenty of other new features have been added. These VR controllers are truly among the best on the market. It’s also worth noting that if you have other vive accessories, they’ll still work. Besides, this headset is completely wireless.

If you’re interested in modding and adding a ton of different peripherals to your VR setup, the HTC Vive cosmos is definitely going to be for you. It has a 110-degree field of view and a 90-hertz refresh rate. Check price on Amazon.

10. Valve Index - Best Overall VR Headset

And Finally, we have the overall best VR headset, and that is going to be the valve index. If you’re familiar with Valve, you’re aware that they’re a gaming giant who’ve released their own gaming platform, Steam, as well as some great video games like Half-Life 2. With the valve index, they’re dipping their toe into the VR market.

And it is groundbreaking in so many ways. It has off your speakers that somehow sound both immersive and stays comfortably distant from your ear without any sound leakage. It also has an unrivaled dual 1440 by 1600RGB LCD panel, which has more subpixels than OLED alternatives.

Additionally, the valve index has a wider field of view, and the monitor can operate at up to 144 hertz. And that means that compared to any other VR on the market, you’re going to get greater sharpness, clarity and I comfort for longer periods. Not to mention that the controllers are among the best available. Look no further than the valve index if you’re looking for the best VR headset available. Check price on Amazon.

So, guys, that’s a look at some of the best VR headsets you can buy today. Hopefully, you found this article helpful. Also, let me know If you have any comments or questions as I always love getting to answer as many of those as I can. Otherwise, thanks so much for reading guys. Keep yourself well out there, and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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