10 Best VR Running Pads 2022

Best VR Running Pads

Best VR Running Pads: In some ways, virtual reality affects our lives. It opens up a world of possibilities we thought were impossible. In the unreal world, we’ve seen the scariest places. This is all possible because of virtual reality.

Modern VR headsets and controllers have become the eyes and hands of VR users. The user can play VR games all day long without a break. 

Lack of regular exercise can negatively affect our health. It has been possible to combine video entertainment and exercise with a VR running pad

You can enjoy VR games while exercising on a VR running platform. VR running pad is known as VR treadmill, VR running platform, VR walking platform, VR walking pad, omnidirectional VR treadmill, etc.

Immersion in VR is enhanced with the omnidirectional VR running pad. These VR gadgets allow you to jump, hop, squat, and even fly! All within a small area. Travel high into the sky, fight some virtual battles, compete in a race, and more!

A VR running pad combined with VR gloves creates a truly immersive experience. We’ll talk about the best VR Treadmills for sale, as well as reasons to buy.

What are Best VR Running Pads?

The VR running pad is an Omnidirectional running area that enables you to run in all 360-degree directions (left, right, forward, backward, diagonally) within a virtual environment. 

The treadmill is linked to a guide rail with firm rods, covering the gaming area with a fence and waist belt.

Using integral sensors, VR running platforms can track how a user moves on the tread and walk. This data is collected and analyzed by computers. The processed information is then converted into motion within a virtual environment.

1. Virtuix Omni One

Virtuix Omni One

The VR treadmill is among the best in the tech market. If you enjoy shooting games in VR, Virtuix Omni is the best out there. It enables 360-degree movement. It is more portable than its predecessors. Instead of a ring covering, it only has a single upright bar.

It keeps you in place while you move both of your feet across the restricted platform. After each VR session, this product can be folded and safely stored. Playing a VR game on this treadmill gives the feel of total freedom.

Jump, crouch, and run with this omnidirectional VR product. The actions occur within a virtual world. With the Virtuix Omni One, nausea or motion sickness associated with long-term VR use will be eliminated.

Virtuix Omni One was first released in 2021. It came in two versions. For $1,995, you get a treadmill, a VR headset, and operating software. It costs $55 per month to use Virtualix.

Another version is intended for users with existing VR headsets. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are compatible with Omni One. 

However, Omni One is only $995. A PC is required in order to connect the Omni One with this version. Overall, the Omni One is an excellent VR treadmill.

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2. Infinadeck VR Running Pad

Infinadeck VR Running Pad

The Infinadeck VR treadmill is an omnidirectional VR locomotion running pad that allows users to walk around in 360° directions in the virtual and real-world to get full immersion.

Utilizing the idea behind the old treadmill, Infinadeck is an omnidirectional treadmill that has the ability to initiate the player in any direction he sees fit.

The Infinadeck is different from the Virtuix Omni, which is basically a still platform. Instead, it does so by powering a square set of corresponding “mini-treadmills” to actually replicate walking and running in virtual reality.

It generates the feeling of jogging, running, or walking in real life by powering it in any direction.

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3. Kat Walk Mini

Kat Walk Mini

Kat Walk Mini is the lightest, smallest, cheapest, and most practical Omnidirectional treadmill available in the market. With its 158 cm height and 1.76 m base area, it fits perfectly in an ordinary living room. 

Using the seat and waist harness, the user can safely perform different activities. As a result, it can support and stabilize the user in any position, even bending to grasp some unreal objects inside a virtual environment. 

You can easily pause or rotate it at any time. It has perfect rotational inertia. Individuals 140-195 cm tall and weighing up to 130 kg may use it.

Rather than two-foot sensors that track the user’s movement, there are built-in contact-free detectors that track their movements.

An innovative system tracks the exact location and speed of every step. It uses detectors and headsets to track the steps. 

These integrated sensors are charged by an instant machine in a matter of seconds. Various headsets are compatible with the Kat Walk Mini.

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4. Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith Virtualizer

Compared to the previous option, this is light and more striking. The steps here are being tracked by motion sensors, so the podium isn’t as bulky. 

Actions like bowing are more possible due to the opportunity to lean across one lap without having to worry about being hurt. Due to its mobility, the assembly is more attractive, especially in light of its dimensions.

Additionally, it is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The lighter structure, along with the simplicity of the treadmill, make it look more auspicious. 

This is a minor issue as its mechanism relies on gliding rather than the crusade of the platform. Virtualizer will be the leading product if the surface proves easy to walk on. 

In addition, the device does not require any special shoes, except for one purchase. A bulk shipment is not yet possible, so there is no official price yet.

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5. Spacewalker VR

An emerging Turkish company is developing a 360-degree treadmill for virtual reality applications.

The VR gadget allows users to move forward and backward in the virtual world and explore different aspects of it.

A spinning treadmill is constructed from a gyroscope that tracks the user’s actions. Its power feedback is regulated by weight sensors beneath the platform that detects foot pressure differences. 

Besides its use in VR, this treadmill can also be used for normal fitness training. The SpaceWalkerVR is currently in its prototype phase and is likely to support the Oculus Rift. 

SpaceWalkerVR’s apps will be able to run in virtual environments with its additional Fantastic Engine support.

A total of four electric engines power the vehicle. The user’s body moves the revolving platform with the help of a joystick. 

There is also a joystick built into this treadmill so that a person can shoot, pick up objects, and interact with artificial items.

It supports VR HMD including Google Cardboard, Vive, and Rift. This treadmill has dimensions of 133x144x114 cm and weighs 120 kg.

6. Aperium Reality K-01 Pod

Aperium Reality K-01 Pod

The world’s largest VR running pad is available here. A uni-dimensional treadmill becomes an omnidirectional one with this product, which changes the VR experience dramatically. 

As a result, users feel as if they are moving diagonally in every direction when, in reality, they only move forward.

This treadmill belt adjusts its speed in accordance with what is happening in the virtual reality world. The V-Orient technology also ensures the user’s stability by controlling the treadmill’s speed. 

The VR running pad is easy to use. Put on a belt and wear a headset, and you’re ready to explore the VR world. No special training is needed.

Due to its few mobile parts, this product is easy to clean and maintain. In comparison to other VR walking platforms, it requires little maintenance. Different age groups (10-80) and various heights were tested for the K-01. 

It has proven quite safe across a variety of demographics. In addition, an in-built ATX computer is responsible for generating a video signal that goes to the VR head-mounted display. The Aperium K-01 pod is priced between $3000 and $4000.

7. Strider VR

Strider VR

The Strider VR experience is very different from other forms of virtual reality. It is an omnidirectional VR treadmill. Unlike the typical VR products on the market, this product was engineered differently. 

On this treadmill, a rotating ball is strategically situated above the treadmill. A pair of Microsoft Kinect sensors track the user’s movement and strides.

There are a good number of omnidirectional treadmills available that offer 360-degree movement. The treadmill operates differently. Using a Microsoft Kinect-based system to ensure your body keeps facing the sensors, creates the illusion that you can move in any direction.

Users of this product can also rotate and move linearly due to DC motors. This allows users to remain within the treadmill platform. 

The manufacturer claims that this VR ODT (Omnidirectional Treadmill)creates a near-perfect illusion of walking in a virtual world. We noticed that the Strider VR combines full-body tracking with walking on a treadmill platform.

This product has a major problem with the understanding of virtual movement.  It should provide more responsiveness to virtual movement. 

This treadmill is not suitable for fast-paced VR games or movements that require quick turns. The stride VR can walk at speeds of up to 6 km/hr. For running and jogging, it is not recommended.

Strider VR has the advantage of being supported by nearly any type of virtual reality application. In addition, this does not require special clothing or footwear.

8. OmniPad


Introducing OmniPad, a portable, lightweight, and affordable omnidirectional treadmill offering 360-degree movement. This technology will allow people to walk, jog, or run naturally in any immersive virtual environment that is 360-degree.

Unlike conventional treadmills, the OmniPad uses a tread to allow you to safely walk, run, or jog in ANY direction.

The OmniPad lets users navigate 3D terrains, military training scenarios, rehabilitative virtual environments, and video games through virtual reality display glasses.

OmniPad users will be able to travel endlessly inside 3D virtual environments. Video games, terrain simulators, therapeutic environments, architecture walk-throughs, and much more can be incorporated into 3D environments.

A single OmniPad can connect multiple users to a shared virtual environment in real-time, allowing video game players, military trainees, and other consumers to interact with each other simultaneously. 

9. Owatch VR Walker

Owatch VR Walker

Owatch VR manufactures virtual reality simulators. VR Chair, VR Flight, VR Walker, VR Machine Gun, VR Racing, and VR Space are part of the product line.

A VR Walker simulates walking, running, and standing in an immersive environment by attaching an LCD screen to the treadmill.

In addition to the simulators, the company offers 360-degree VR content.

10. Computerphile


VR Running Pad Cheap Alternatives

  1. ProxiMat VR
  2. IncStores Jumbo Soft VR Mat
  3. VR Ninjas
  4. XPack VR Floor Mat
  5. Skywin VR Mat
  6. Asterion VR Mat
  7. Neoprene Rubber Mat

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Best VR Running Pads Final Thoughts

We rarely use VR running pads at home because they are quite expensive, huge, and heavy. Most VR treadmills are used for business purposes, gaming, or as displays in malls. If you’re interested, you can visit a virtual reality attraction in your city and get a feel for what it feels like.

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