35 Cool USB Gadgets and Accessories in 2023

Coolest USB Gadgets and Accessories

We now have access to such a wide range of USB gadgets to simplify our lives with the advancement of technology. These portable devices can be used for both work and play.

How do we know which USB gadgets are worth buying? To help you make the best decision, I made this list of the coolest USB gadgets. Any one of them won’t disappoint you!

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1. SmartDevil Small Personal USB Desk Fan

The SmartDevil Mini USB Desk Fan has a small body, but it is powerful, and you will feel more comfortable thanks to its strong and supple wind.

Furthermore, it has three different speed settings and easily plugs into a USB port. Additionally, this USB Desk Fan rotates 360 degrees in order to circulate cooling air in any direction you desire.

This Portable Table Cooling Fan will keep you cool when it’s hot outside. Stay cool wherever you go in the summer.


  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Easy to Operated
  • Quiet Operation
  • USB Powered
  • Energy-saving
  • Space-saving
  • 360 Degree Adjustment

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go

It is sometimes necessary to store your files offline or transfer data quickly between computers. With the SanDisk Ultra Dual flash drive, you can connect to both USB-C and USB-A at once for maximum versatility. It’s an excellent solution for moving files quickly between a MacBook and a PC.

3. VersionTECH Portable Handheld Mini USB Fan

This product by VersionTECH is the perfect solution if you are looking for a practical and portable USB gadget. The USB device includes a small fan that connects to any USB port. The fan starts automatically as soon as you plug the device into your computer.

The fan is very light and easily placed on a table to create a cool breeze! It has three speeds so you can choose how fast to rotate the fan. Furthermore, it has an adjustable neck so that it can be used in any direction.

An anti-slip ABS plastic is used to make the device low-impact. The breeze it generates is perfect for a short trip to the park.

4. USB Mini Fridge

What if you don’t have a fridge to keep your chilly drink cool? You might want to check out this drink chiller by Dream Cheeky. We have a mini-fridge that can store 12 ounces of drinks.

It can hold a single can, is easy to install, and doesn’t require a driver. It connects via USB and is plug-and-play. 

There is no need for batteries. Features an LED indicator with green and red LEDs and a magnetic door handle. It is one of the coolest USB gadgets for camping.

5. USB Hub 3.0 Vertical Data Hub

It is the ideal and cool electronic gadget to boost your productivity if you are looking for something new. Connect up to 4 USB devices simultaneously using its 4 USB ports. 

Thus, a mouse, keyboard, and other equipment can be plugged in and used without any issues. It is a durable design that will last for years. With the USB port on a laptop or PC, you can plug it in and use it without it falling off. Even in a darkened room, the LED indicator is easily visible.

You can charge your phone using it, as it has fast charging capabilities. It also syncs and transfers data between multiple devices rapidly.

Gaming consoles, Windows, macOS, and Linux are supported by this product. Overall, this USB hub is the best way to access several cool USB devices at once!

6. Mini USB Paper Shredder

Take your workstation to the next level with this mini USB paper shredder. This is perfect for when your coworkers bring over documents you instantly want to shred.

7. USB Heated Eye Mask

This USB-powered eye mask is weird but very useful. It works by heating the eye mask to relieve stress and soothe headaches. In addition, its lavender scent is known to soothe anxiety and aid sleep.

8. USB Kill Stick

You can test various electronic devices’ surge protection circuitry and their maximum load with a USB kill stick. The original USB Killer is one of the most popular USB drives. As part of this kit, you will receive lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB adapters. Alternatively, the test shield can be used independently to protect against viruses and your USB Killer.

9. Rick & Morty – Ricks Space Ship USB Light

This USB gadget is the perfect gift for Rick & Morty fans! The Rick’s Ship USB Light gives you the light you need when you’re working late into the night or studying late into the night.

As a USB-powered desk light, Rick’s Light gives you the power of a full track of light, and with its movable arm and base, you can direct it however you like. A very useful product that works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Android devices!

10. USB Plasma Orb

A USB-powered plasma globe can add color and enchantment to your car or desk. It will glow once you plug it in due to the electrically charged gas molecules inside.

Thanks to its automatic shut-off feature, the plasma ball won’t overheat. It uses two metal rods to produce bizarre effects when electricity is extracted from them. The device looks and sounds like a black hole.

A USB cable can be used to power your plasma globe! The decorative item is not only useful in the classroom but also attractive.

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11. Ultra slim 3-USB-Port Wall Charger

Charging three devices at once is made easy with this dual-port USB wall charger. Thanks to its ultra-thin design and swiveling plug, this charger easily fits in your pocket, bag, or purse. This is one of the best and coolest electronic gadgets.

12. Tesla USB Rechargeable Windproof Dual Arc Lighter

The device will work just fine in windy conditions! The battery is rechargeable. You can also charge the lighter with the included USB cable using any USB port. The design of the lighter is very simple and easy to operate.

No flame, no butane, no hassle, and one press of a button to start the lighter. Light it anywhere, anytime! It’s a great product even though I don’t smoke. Push a button and it lights up so you can decorate your home or show your friends!

13. Hand Warmers

It is difficult and uncomfortable to work on your laptop in the cold with uncovered hands. Warm up your hands and feet with these USB heating slippers and gloves. You can control the temperature of the device from its built-in heater, as well as the power source from a USB.

14. WGGE USB-C to USB-C Cable

It is tangle-free, nylon braided, and features USB-C to USB-C connection. It can charge USB-C devices, dock docking stations, and connect external disk drives. A two-year warranty is included as well.

15. USB Heated Mouse Pad

Sometimes, the office can feel like a freezer. With this heated mouse pad, your hands will be toasty. Your AC won’t turn you into an ice cube anymore with this blanket. A separate mouse pad can be used for the heating pad. It is about 11″ by 8.5″ in size.

16. BlissLights Starport USB Laser Star Projector

Using the Starport Laser Star Projector, you can admire a galaxy of stars in a dark room. The extension arm allows you to position your laser stars precisely every time, for a mesmerizing starry effect.

The device can be placed practically anywhere – in a bedroom, car, gaming room or office, living room, or dorm room.

Thanks to its USB connectivity, bliss lights can also be used on your laptop, smartphone, portable battery pack, USB outlet, tablet, and even connected to your TV!

17. USB Mini Dual Fan

Keep cool with these high-quality dual fans. You can rotate each fan and adjust the speed. The device is powered by its built-in 1200 mAh battery, but it can also be powered by USB. Additionally, you can fold the dual fans for easy portability.

18. USB Fan with LED Clock

This USB-powered fan will give you a breath of fresh air when you’re working hard at the office. During the spin of the blades, the fan’s LED clock will show the time. 

It can be moved to any position thanks to its flexible neck, so no one at your workplace will miss seeing its beauty.

19. Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit

Set the perfect mood for video conferences with Cyezcor’s USB Powered Video Lighting Kit. You can choose between a yellow-toned white light or a blue-green warm light. You have plenty of options to create a professional look with 48 LED lamp beads with a 10W brightness. 

Brightness and color can be adjusted during video conferencing, during YouTube recording, or by photographers and videographers to create ideal lighting conditions. You can connect a USB cable to your laptop, power bank, or phone charger.

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20. USB UV Lamp Bug Zappers

This USB bug zapper makes summer nights bug-free. The UV light attracts bugs and mosquitoes, and the fan vortex inhales them, killing them.

21. Indestructible iPhone Charging Cable

Broken charging cables on your iPhone? There are a lot of great chargers and batteries made by Anker. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad will love Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable. This cable’s lifespan is 30,000+ bends, so it is sure to last you YEARS.

22. Leejie Candle Electric Arc Lighter

It is a must-have tool for anyone who enjoys drinking tea or coffee by candlelight. It is safe, reliable, windproof, and moistureproof.

The lighter is equipped with a rotary knob on the bottom, which can be used to both light and extinguish the wick.

You can use this flameless BBQ lighter to light up your BBQ grill, candles, and burners at home.

23. Jiusion USB Microscope

It has a mini camera, adapter, and metal stand, so you can use it to really look into a device or thing.

It’s easy to record and take screenshots of the micro world on your computer and smartphone when you install the app.

The microscope also works on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome but is not compatible with iPhone.

24. Christmas Light USB iPhone Charger

This Christmas light phone charger cord has a 50-inch length and includes 10 warm LED lights. The light colors are: white, red, green, yellow, and blue. A 12-month warranty is provided

The lightning cable is portable and easy to use, making it a perfect addition to any office or home office. The cable is compatible with a wide range of phones and other USB-type C devices.

25. iwoxs Coffee Mug Warmer

This iwoxs Coffee Mug Warmer is a new, functional, and thoughtful design for coffee lovers. You can heat your tea or coffee with this safe, low-voltage USB Powered Mug Warmer.

This cool USB gadget doubles as a desktop decoration as well as an office accessory. The coffee maker comes with a USB cable that allows you to heat your coffee with your computer, laptop, or USB power adapter.

A dual-purpose device that warms coffee mugs and charges phones wirelessly. If you charge the phone immediately after warming the coffee, it will be very hot, so please wait for 4-5 minutes.

26. USB Head Massager

There are different areas of your head that can be massaged by this vibrating helmet. You can adjust both the intensity of vibrations and the size of the helmet according to your preferences. 

This heavy headband weighs 434g, making it comfortable to wear. Don’t expect it to work as a proper massage machine since it just vibrates.

27. Steampunk USB Drive

You’ll love this 8GB USB drive if you’re a steampunk fan. Any computer looks more industrial with the light-up vacuum tube. 

Obviously, a true steampunk fan shouldn’t carry around a laptop. It contains a high-quality USB 3.1 flash drive.

28. Portable Mini Washing Machine

Here is another cool USB gadget to add to your daily life. The portable washing machine uses a high-frequency frequency generator. 

The device removes pollutants from clothes with ultrasonic waves. It is a cool gadget for everyday needs and a compact washing machine.

Put the miniature washing machine in any bucket, add water and detergent, and press the power button to start automatic circulation.

29. OCR Pen Scanner

This pen scanner allows you to scan and enter text into your PC from books or papers. The OCR text scanner is portable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Simply move the pen scanner over the required text and it will appear on your PC’s text editor. A USB data cable will let you connect this pen to your PC and transfer data.

An ideal multilingual OCR text scanner for students and professionals with a high level of accuracy and speed

30. USB Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

The perfect desk vacuum for dusting small and hard-to-reach surfaces like keyboards, car seats, crumbs, pianos, and dashboards.

This desktop vacuum cleaner comes with a detachable vacuum nozzle that can be used as needed.

By using the USB connector, you can charge it and clean pet hair, food crumbs, paper scraps, and grit from windowsills.

Charging takes only 2 hours and it can last up to 4 hours. Low noise and high suction power make it an excellent vacuum cleaner.

31. USB Personal Aroma Diffuser

If you enjoy nice fragrances and aromatherapy, you’ll find this USB aroma diffuser quite useful. You only need a few drops of your favorite scent to create hours of fragrance in your personal space like your home, office, or car.

The mini fan technology used in this BPA-free, on-the-go aromatherapy solution emits gentle bursts of fragrance into your immediate environment. It’s one of the coolest USB gadgets for cars.

32. USB Digital Multimeter

You can check the charging status of your USB-powered or type C-enabled devices by using this USB tester.

It is possible to test the speed, quality, and reliability of chargers for different devices, whether they are wireless, wall-mounted, or car-mounted. 

Additionally, it prevents your devices from being overvoltage or Undervoltage. Also, these portable electronic gadgets are easy to use.

33. SOONDAR Astronaut LED USB Light

Cycle Charge LED Lighting

  • Creative & Fashional Astronaut LED Light
  • Energy Saving
  • Power from the USB port directly such as power bank, laptop

34. BenQ USB Reading Lamp

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus lighting system is a revolutionary product. You can hang it on your monitor to brighten your desk without taking up any valuable space. 

It is even easier to use the Desktop Dial. ScreenBar Plus illuminates the working space with USB power and auto-dimming capabilities, reducing the reflection of your computer screen.

35. LED Desk Light for Video Conference

There are three lighting modes to choose from warm light, natural light, and white light. You can adjust the brightness to 10 different levels.

It’s easy to adjust the light to perfect angles with the 360° flexible gooseneck. Compatible with most USB-enabled devices, such as power banks, USB chargers, AC adapters, PCs, and laptops.

You can create a delicate makeup look with enough illumination using the natural white light color.

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What is a USB Gadget?

USB gadgets are electronic devices that interface with other computer systems or electronic devices with the help of the universal serial bus (USB).

How Many USB Devices Can Be Connected to a Computer?

127 Connected Devices.

Where to Buy Gadgets?

You can buy huge USB gadgets from online shopping stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Does My USB Gadget Charge Other Devices?

Yes, but it depends on what gadget you have. Depending on the gadget, some only serve as chargers, while others do both. So, before you buy any gadget, make sure it meets your requirements.

What is USB Hub?

A USB hub is a device you can connect to the computer that allows you to add USB ports. The USB port is a great way to add another port to your computer if you need one for your printer or other USB devices.


As a gadget freak, I love buying new USB gadgets. Therefore, I made this blog post about my top 35 favorite USB gadgets available online. The boredom excuse is over. Order your favorite USB gadget from the list above now!

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