Glorify App Review – Lifetime Free (May 2022)

glorify app review with lifetime deal

Glorify App Review: The product picture is the key reason for success in the e-commerce industry. People may not have the time to read the wordy summary of the product, so they would like to see all the product’s features in just one view. They would like to get a visual taste of what they are about to buy. Before other needs arise, they want to purchase products immediately.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Frederick R. Barnard

To get better conversions, online marketers should provide high-quality product pictures. So, it’s good to invest in a graphics design tool like Glorify App. Now, what is Glorify? I will tell in-depth details of this best graphic designing tool below.

But first don’t get me wrong because I’m not telling you to buy this software without discussing its features, pricing, deals, pros, and cons.

let’s get to the point. You need a tool that allows you to make as many images as possible for a product without worrying about the cost. You must have heard of Canva, the tool for everything in graphic design.

But, do you know of any designing tool that focuses on e-commerce? You’ll say no because no one is there. You will find some simple tools to add shapes, text, stock photos & graphics, image filters, customize colors, logos, pictures, pre-made models, resize canvas, crop, mask images, etc.

But they all lack important tools that will boost the online presence of any product and can increase the CTR (click-through-rate) and conversions.

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What is Glorify App?

The Glorify App is a digital marketing software designed to use for eCommerce sales representatives. This is the best product photo editing software that allows its customers to produce high-quality graphics with zero knowledge of graphic design.

This eCommerce Photo Editing App has lots of built-in tools that allow users to create high-converting product images in less than 60 seconds with a few clicks. The Glorify app is an all-in-one eCommerce photo editing software since no other software of its kind exists. No software that provides so many high-quality benefits.

Recently I’ve been studying and researching for the best product photo editing software for eCommerce and got the GlorifyApp. I’ve started to use the app and am pretty impressed. Well, without any design abilities or learning experience, you can even create marketing materials, eBooks, logos, social media graphics, and much more, not just pictures!

So, in this post, we’re going to learn how this graphic designing software is different from existing tools such as Canva, Crello, Stencil, Snappa, etc. We will also learn how this tool can assist e-commerce vendors, Instagram influencers, Funnel Hackers, and drop-shippers with high-quality product photos to maximize profit, sales, and conversions.

Glorify App Pros & Cons


  • Easy to get started for beginners.
  • Amazing template collection.
  • It does not use your local PC resources.
  • Full-length book designer from the front cover, middle pages, and back cover.
  • Amazing Icons collection to use.
  • It is currently offering 25% off deal
  • Glorify app special promo code: PROMONTHLY20


  • It appears to take 20-30 secs when downloading big files.

Try Glorify For Lifetime Free

Glorify App Review with Features

1. Design or Create Stunning Product images within minutes

An ordinary image of your items won’t make you stand out from the audience. With the app, with many fixtures that are preinstalled for you, you can add incredible effects to your items.

The program provides you with thousands of models on various topics from which you can choose and start making adjustments to suit your schedule. In the models, you can also adjust the text to communicate your message and brand to the prospective purchaser.

I used Canva several times, but I have to admit I can build any kind of design pretty quickly with Glorify. I’m going to tell you how fast it’s going to be. Choose your favorite template from the library, add your project, mark it with your own color palette, edit text and choose the font, add the background, or use effects to make it look fantastic.

This online photo editing software provides a prototype for different platforms. You will have also made plans to publicize your goods outside your online store by providing models that are compatible with various social media articles.

You can create a Facebook banner, a picture cover for Instagram, and an e-book cover for your product or niche. Think about how much this tool will help your company and how much time you save to deal with other aspects.

2. Editing The Background Of Your Images With Quick And Easy Effects For A Pro Look

Maybe you’re an Amazon, eBay, or Shopify seller, and you need to upload your local product photos. To add a new background to the image of the product captured by your smartphone, there is no need to go through the stress of photoshopping.

Glorify software provides you with the ability to delete the object from the background and add it to an appealing template. Without using some technical skills, you may wonder how is that possible or how can that be achieved without copying parts of the pre-existing background?

glorify app review with lifetime deal
  • Remove Background With One-Click

In just a few seconds, the app came up with a more tactful idea. All you need to do is mark the object with a green marker and the background with a red marker to crop a product from the background using the Glorify background remover tool. And see then how the object is magically extracted from the background.

  • Add Cool Shadows Effect

You can put the item on a new template after that and start editing the new background to your satisfaction. To make this image more authentic, you may go to the extent that you add shadow effects and reflections.

  • Add Reflections Effect To Your Image/element

Pick the picture you want to add reflection, which opens up editing/enhancing controls on the right side of the image. Click on the ‘reflection’ tab. To give it a natural look, you can play around with the controls.

3. Show Important Product Features With The Annotate Tool

There is no better way than to show the audience what makes your product superior to others to win over the growing competition. And if you can display these differences in a picture, there will also be a high conversion rate. That’s where the App is required. You can mark the hottest features in your product with this software.

4. Smart Image And Design Resizer

You have just developed a beautiful design and want to use it on your social media accounts to promote your product. There is an issue here since the various dimensions of each social media are different. What are you going to do?

Use the Glorify app. This app has a built-in picture resizer that allows users to transform any image or design to their choice for social media. All is just a click away. If it was a Facebook coverage, Facebook ads, Instagram, or Pinterest graphics. See, this is saving time.

5. Logo maker

Glorify app helps you to create a simple but captured logo for your organization. The method is very simple and requires no knowledge of graphic design.

You type your brand name first. Then pick a keyword to identify your organization and select your color preferences later on. The tool will display hundreds of icons, from the details you provide, from which you pick the one conveying your idea.

Get Design Inspiration From Different Niche, Themes, and Categories

You do not get a proper concept idea several times. But not now, thanks to the massive library that designs grouped by niche and style. You’re an Instagram Influencer, for instance, designing a cool concept for the beauty product you’re promoting, then just pick the ‘beauty niche’ and you’d get hundreds of models for the design ideas.

Who Should Use Glorify App?

  1. E-Commerce Sellers: The app is the ideal tool for creating product photos for all online vendors, regardless of what you sell and on which site. It supports all other online platforms direct from Amazon, Shopify, and Woo-commerce. With the power of conversion-driven product photos, you can raise profit, sales, and conversions by using its unique features and templates.
  2. Instagram Influencers: The industry of Instagram Influencers is booming and if you’re one of the influencers, aim today to glorify your product photos and boost your engagement and sales.
  3. Funnel Hackers.
  4. Drop-Shippers. etc

Glorify App 2.0 & Glorify App Lifetime Deal Review (Ended)

Unfortunately, glorify app lifetime deal (ltd) is ended. I will regularly update glorify app pricing. So stay connected to subscribe to our newsletter.

glorify app review with lifetime deal

1: Glorify Pro Solo Plan$97/lifetime. Best for tiny retailers, Youtuber, Influencer, Dropshippers, Instagram Influencers, freelancers, or bloggers just getting started.
2: Glorify Pro Startup Plan$197/lifetime. Perfect for a small team and organization, where up to 2 members will share the account.
3: Glorify Enterprise Plan$397/lifetime. The best ultimate strategy for Big Agency, Big E-com Sellers, Startups, and anyone who does a lot of photo removal in the background, manages brands and consumers, and has a wider team to share the method. This is an amazing one-time investment.

Glorify App Pricing or Glorify App cost

Glorify App pricing and cost

How much does the glorify app cost? Like other online photo editing tools, this app also provides a monthly subscription model. Glorify App cost starts at $6.99 per month (regular $9.99/mon) and goes to $19.59 per month with 25% off now.

Glorify App Promo Code: PROMONTHLY20

All Glorify plans are provided with a 30-day money-back guarantee and unlimited guests.

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Glorify App Vs Canva

Glorify is an e-commerce platform that supports users in creating visually appealing product photos. It’s the ideal design tool for Shopify, Etsy, and Woocommerce store owners.

Canva, on the other hand, is more versatile as a design tool and glorify app alternative. It allows users to create ebooks, t-shirts, and invitation cards, among other things. You can also create animated GIFs or short videos using Canva. Canva is a well-established service and glorify’s alternative.

So, if you want a dedicated eCommerce product photo editing tool for an online store then Glorify App is the best option.

Glorify App FAQ

Is Glorify App Better Than Canva?

No, this app only creates e-commerce images, but Canva is a complete graphic design tool.

What’s the Difference Between Glorify Business Plan & Pro Plan?

Although the BUSINESS plan is preferred for larger organizations that need more coordination and design assets, the PRO plan is mostly for solo entrepreneurs or companies that do not need mass design development.

May I Upgrade or Downgrade My Subscription?

Yeah, by going to your dashboard > Account Settings > Change Schedule, you can do that at any time.

Is Glorify App Free?

Yes. Glorify software offers a lifetime free trial plan with two other paid plans. No credit card or bank details is required.

Is Glorify App Free Downloadable?

Glorify is a cloud-based software. There is no option to download this app to your PC or android. I didn’t see any official mobile app on the play store. Maybe they will work on this later.

You have to use an internet browser to visit their website and register on their website. Then you will get glorify app login page, after logging in you can access to apps’ dashboard easily.

Who Created the Glorify App?

A group of clever entrepreneurs, designers, and marketers created the Glorify company. Omar Farook – Co-Founder and CEO of Glorify App.

Which Glorify Plan Should You Buy?

Whether you are someone who does a lot of graphic design, a proven seller of e-commerce, Dropshipper, Blogger, YouTuber, or someone who runs an agency that provides the services of graphic design and e-commerce product design, then grab the business or enterprise plan.

If you’re a small team or company that doesn’t need mass design development or someone who wants a better Canva alternative for your day-to-day Graphic Designing then do catch their Pro Plan.

Grab their Free Plan if you’re on a tight budget and a freelancer.

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Thanks for reading glorify reviews post. In the future, I will try to write articles about many useful online tools. So stay connected.

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