How to Lose Weight with Beat Saber

How to Lose Weight with Beat Saber

In seconds, you’re transported to a different dimension using a headset. There are no words to describe how breathtakingly immersive it is, and you will be enthralled once you’re there!

But spending a lot of time in VR is not good for your health. Because we need to do exercise and other physical activities. But what if you can do exercise with VR? Cool right? Exercising has never been easier thanks to VR. It’s entertaining.

You can enjoy Racing games, Rhythm games, Dancing, Cycling, eSport games, Action games, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball, and many more in Virtual Reality. These games can burn calories and fat. 

One of the best games is Beat Saber. Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game that lets you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music flying towards you.

Is Beat Saber Good for Losing Weight?

Are you thinking can you lose weight with Beat Saber? Yes, the Beat Saber does help lose weight and it’s good exercise.

There is anecdotal and scientific evidence that Beat Saber is an effective weight loss VR game. However, exercise won’t outweigh a bad diet.

According to the VR Institute of Health and Exercise, playing Beat Saber burns “6.55-7.45 kcals per minute” on a 60kg person. Basically, it’s like playing tennis.

It is played on the “Expert” difficulty setting. It takes most players 4 hours to reach ‘expert’ difficulty.

Beat Saber also has an “Expert+” difficulty setting that burns the same amount as rowing!! It’s not even the most intensive VR workout game but the most enjoyable.

First, Let’s see some anecdotal evidence of Beat Saber weight loss, and later we will know How to Lose Weight with VR.

Beat Saber Weight Loss Examples, Case Study, Stories, or Evidence

Beat saber weight loss stories:

Example 1: geoffbowman on Reddit Losing 30lbs Weight Without Dieting

Example 2: hotfudge123 on Reddit Lost 34.4lbs in the pandemic

Example 3: 52 years old twotonsosalt managed to lose 22 pounds after 6 months.

Example 4: Marissa Bruch Getting Addicted to VR Even though she had zero interest in gaming

Example  5: Blurrel on Reddit loses 52 lbs over 2 years of Beat Saber

Example 6: Bigrob7605 on Reddit Loses 138 Pounds Following Beat Saber Workout Routine

Example 7: Chesney Mariani lost 70 pounds and became a fitness coach in the Supernatural VR game!

On Reddit, you can find thousands of stories like this. Imagine losing weight by playing games every day! In addition to enjoying it, you will feel better mentally, and you will lose weight if your diet isn’t horrible.

How to Lose Weight with VR

How to lose weight with vr
How to lose weight with VR

5 steps to losing weight in VR:

  1. Diet (essential)
  2. Choose a fitness app
  3. Rotate to a new app
  4. Find a fitness pal
  5. Don’t focus on fitness

1. Follow Healthy Diet

A bad diet won’t make you lose weight even if you exercise. You need to fix your diet first!


  • You don’t need to count calories.
  • You don’t need to starve yourself
  • You don’t need to cut out junk food

To lose weight, you want calories in < calories out.

If you don’t want to get too scientific about losing weight, here are some tips:

  1. How much food are you eating? Are you gaining weight? If so, move on to step 2. If not, you’re fine!
  2. Reduce your calories intake by 10%
  3. Start your exercise routine and monitor your progress. Feeling unsatisfied with your progress? Repeat step 2.

A 10% reduction in calories is hardly noticeable. You may be slightly hungry for a few hours during the day, but your body will quickly adapt. A 10% reduction in calories isn’t a lot.

2. Choose a VR Fitness App

First, you should consider getting the Quest 2 VR headset if you don’t already own one.

In comparison to a gym membership, this is 10x more cost-effective.

Health is priceless. The cost of health cannot be paid.

The next step is to choose a VR fitness app. Choose one game or app to start with.

Beat Saber is my recommendation since you can create unlimited custom songs and play them for hundreds/thousands of hours.

Play the game and have fun! Consider it a pleasure rather than exercise. Whenever you get bored…

3. Switch to New Apps

It is possible to find dozens of fitness apps on the market.

  • Some are free.
  • Some cost $20-40

But, as I said earlier, good health is something you can’t buy. To stay healthy, make sure you’re doing what you need to do.

When you get bored with one app, switch to another.

Here’s my routine of best VR fitness games:

  • Beat Saber – Best VR Exercise Game
  • Synth Riders
  • Super Hot
  • Eleven Table Tennis – $19.99
  • Holopoint – $14.99
  • Supernatural – $20 per month
  • FitXR
  • Bitslap
  • BOX VR
  • Holopoint

4. Find a Fitness Buddy

Synth Riders and Beat Saber have online modes. As a multiplayer game, I prefer Synth Riders because it has voice chat.

A weight loss partner can keep you motivated!

A partner can motivate you to exercise and enjoy yourself if you’re feeling lazy.

How do you find a partner? You can join the Discord server!

5. Have Fun!

It’s not necessary for every VR game to focus on weight loss.

Even though games like Skyrim VR, Half-Life: Alyx, and Resident Evil 4 aren’t fitness games, you’re still standing up and waving your arms. These games are much better for you than sitting in front of the computer and playing games!

Take advantage of VR.

Add Some VR Accessories

A few VR accessories can help you get the most out of your workout in VR. Here are the Best VR Accessories for you to choose from.

How to Get Started with VR Fitness

It is highly recommended that you pick up an Oculus Quest 2 (now known as Meta Quest 2). Only this headset is completely wireless and standalone.

Imagine wearing a VR headset and having a wire dangle from your head to your computer while exercising. For fitness VR, it is not recommended.

Other headsets require tethering to your computer and sometimes external tracking sensors.

The Quest 2 is as easy as opening the box, putting it on your head, and you’re good to go. No need to connect to your PC.

Simply get Quest 2 and you’re set.

VR Fitness Benefits

  • VR provides the most immersive experience available. Any exercise program can benefit from it.
  • VR is addictive due to its gamification. Competition and beating their scores lead to increased intensity and greater exercise time.
  • During exercise sessions, VR will reduce the perception of pain. Consequently, fat will be burned more effectively and more extensively.
  • VR can improve mood and weight loss compliance when regular exercise is performed.
  • VR training will increase endurance and performance.
  • While communicating with others and sharing their progress, the user will not feel judged or scrutinized, which helps to maintain motivation.
  • VR Fitness can also increase your calorie burn. A great example is Beat Saber, a virtual reality game. Playing this game while listening to high-beat music burns 6.55 calories every minute. estimates 5 billion calories have been burned since the game was released in May 2018. It’s the equivalent of 10,000 hours of aerobic exercise or 20,000 hamburgers.
  • VR exercise can help you lose weight. A German woman lost 40 pounds after playing a simple VR boxing game. Each day, she lost up to 1,000 calories.
  • Last but not least, consider the cost of a gym membership or VR headset. The Oculus Quest 2 costs $299, which is significantly less than the average monthly gym membership cost of $59 in the USA.

What VR game burns the most calories?

  • AudioShield Modded (10.66 to 11.85 calories/min).
  • Thrill of the Fight (9.74 to 15.32 calories/min).
  • PowerBeatsVR (72 to 8.59 calories/min).
  • Knockout League (7.54 to 8.33 calories/min).
  • Audio Trip (7.29 to 8.94 calories/min).
  • Holopoint (7.46 to 12.69 calories/min).
  • Pistol Whip (7.17 to 7.69 calories/min).
  • Hot Squat 2: New Glory (7.07 to 8.57 calories/min).
  • Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! (7 to 8.86 calories/min).
  • Soundboxing (6.72 to 7.49calories/min).

Wrapping Up

There is no easier way to lose weight than this. VR will solve your problem if you’ve ever struggled to find a routine that works.

In one study, virtual reality helped people lose weight by reducing cravings and increasing motivation. Researchers found that virtual reality users lost more weight than non-users. Thus, VR weight loss and fitness are great for adding a touch of excitement to weight loss journeys


Does Playing Beat Saber Burn Calories?

John Koetsier, Senior Contributor, Burned 274 Calories Playing Beat Saber On Oculus Quest.

Does Oculus Help You Lose Weight?

The Oculus Quest is a great VR tool for losing weight and burning calories. You can expect to lose anywhere from 6-8 calories per hour with VR games.

What Makes Beat Saber So Fun?

It’s a lot of fun. Cutting blocks to the beat is incredibly satisfying. The more difficult the song, the harder it is to get into a rhythm. Beat Saber offers the freedom of being alone and dancing to great music.

Is VR Bad For Your Eyes?

According to research, VR headsets can cause blurry vision, eye strain, and eye discomfort. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, staring at VR screens for too long can cause eye strain and fatigue.

However, there is no evidence that eye damage is permanent. Read this post Is VR Bad for Your Eyes to learn more.

How Much Does It Cost To Play Beat Saber?

Beat Saber costs only $30, and there aren’t many songs included. The game allows you to purchase all the songs you want. The song packs aren’t cheap, either.

Is It Possible To Track Data on Oculus?

With Oculus Move (fitness tracking app), you can track calories burned across all VR apps, including Pistol Whip, Phantom: Covert Ops, and Supernatural, if you’re playing on Quest 2. 

Can You Gain Muscle Playing The VR Game Beat Saber?

Beat Saber work to work out your entire body in VR, but it especially does more wonders for your Arms and muscle as you approach tougher songs and challenges.

Does Beat Saber Count As Cardio?

Definitely! The Beat Saber is a great way to add some extra cardio, but you probably won’t get ripped or slim simply by swinging musical lightsabers. Your long-term goals may also require dietary changes and targeted workouts.

Does Beat Saber Make You Smarter?

Games have proven to increase people’s ability to recall information quickly, not just workouts. In games like Beat Saber, memorizing patterns helps you score higher. In addition, it trains your brain to process and recall information instantly.

Is Oculus Quest 2 Good For Fitness?

Yes of course. Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset allows people to play physical games.

Will There Be A Beat Saber 2?

Not sure. 

Can You Lose Weight Using Oculus?

Without a doubt, yes.

Is Beat Saber Worth It?

Without a doubt, yes.

Will There Be An Oculus Quest 3?

Yes, The Meta Quest 3 is on its way. Meta is likely to announce the Quest 3 in 2023 along with other VR/AR headsets it may be developing.

Is Beat Saber Free?


What Is The Best Workout VR Game?

Beat Saber is the best option in my opinion,

What Is The Best VR Headset For Exercise?

Quest 2 is the best option in my opinion because it’s both wireless and affordable.