How to Make Meta Quest 2 More Comfortable (Updated) 2023 USA

How to Make Quest 2 More Comfortable

To enjoy VR gaming for long hours, it’s important to know how to make the Oculus Quest 2 more comfortable. Constantly removing the headset to get comfortable can be annoying. 

Here are some tips on how to make the Oculus Quest 2 more comfortable, along with some VR accessories.

We will share tips for relieving pressure from the front-heavy headset, getting the best fit for your glasses, and improving your VR experience with accessories.

Meta highlighted the weight of Quest 2 when it launched the headset in 2020. The original Quest was 10% heavier than Quest 2.

Additionally, Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset is lighter than its predecessor. Likewise, Apple may release a slimmer AR/VR headset than the ones currently available.

VR manufacturers strive to make headsets smaller and lighter. Today’s headsets are heavy, leave pressure marks on the face after a session, and even cause neck pain.

Foam gaskets can also trap sweat and dirt, resulting in hotbeds of germs. Dirty headsets ruin immersion because you become less focused on the game and more worried about getting sick.

Some people find wearing glasses with the headset uncomfortable, especially if the prescription frames are thicker than the manufacturers recommend.

Here are some ways to address each issue and improve comfort.

1. Get Some stretching Exercise

When it comes to neck discomfort, stretching is always a good idea before taking other steps. For around 10 seconds, put your chin to your chest and then look up all the way. 

After doing that, bring your ear to your shoulder (not your shoulder on your ear!) and repeat for about 10 seconds on the other side. 

To loosen up your neck muscles, stretch all four cardinal directions. You can also try looking left for a few seconds and then right for 10 seconds at a time.

2. Use Head Strap to Reduce the Pressure

Best VR Head Straps for Oculus Quest 2
Best Head Straps for Oculus Quest 2

You can reduce head pain by adjusting the head strap on your VR headset. Don’t let the head strap get too tight or too loose. 

It is important that the head strap be tight enough so that the VR headset does not move around on your head but loose enough so that it is comfortable. Wear the headset evenly on your face to avoid pressure points.

It is also possible to make the head strap more comfortable by getting an Elite Strap or a Halo-style strap. The head straps are designed to distribute pressure to the top of your head in order to take some pressure off the face.

Elite straps also counterbalance the front-heavy headset with the extra weight at the back. Due to the additional battery, the Elite Strap with Battery packs even more weight in the rear.

VR Cover Elite Headstrap Foam Pad cups the back of your head with soft cushioning and makes the strap feel more comfortable and snug.

3. Wear Prescription Glasses or Lens

How to make oculus quest 2 more comfortable with glasses?

The original Quest 2 strap should be put on last. Wear the headset as follows:

  1. Fit your glasses inside the headset, making sure they do not touch the lens and put the headset.
  2. Put the strap over your head.
  3. Try pushing the arms of the frames forward just above your ears if your glasses are uncomfortable at this point. As a result, they will be slightly offset from your eyes.
  4. Make sure the straps on the sides are not pressing your ears against the frames.

Thicker prescription glasses can benefit from using a glasses spacer, such as the headset’s spacer or the VR Cover versions – XL Spacer and VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer. Spacers protect your lenses from scratches by creating a gap between them and your glasses.

It is also possible to switch to custom-made prescription lens inserts. You won’t have to worry about your glasses fitting in the headset or scratches on the lens. VR Lens Lab sells headset-specific prescription lens inserts.

4. Enhance Hygiene

Before and after every VR session, wipe down the headset with a microfiber cloth or anti-bacterial wipes. For best results, use alcohol-free and skin-friendly wipes to prevent damage to the headset.

Use a washable VR Cover, Silicone Cover, or a wipeable, adjustable foam replacement such as the Facial Interface and Foam Replacement or the Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Replacement. 

As well as reducing sweat and dirt buildup, these cleanable accessories extend the life of your equipment by keeping it in good condition longer.

When using a headset in a multi-user environment, disposable covers are convenient because they can be changed quickly.

5. Get Controller Grips for Meta Quest 2

VR Cover Controller Grips for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

One of the cheapest, most significant upgrades is adding controller grips. I found Quest 2’s hard plastic controllers short and slippery. 

The Controller Grips eliminated all of those issues. With the grips, your controller feels slightly fuller in the hands and provides a textural grip along the palm. 


You can get the most out of your headset, improve comfort, and experience the best VR by following some of these tips.

Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

Rating: 5 out of 5.