10 Technical Issues in iPhones & Ways to Deal With Them

technical Issues in iPhones and Ways to Deal With Them

Having an iPhone makes your life easier as you can handle multiple tasks and are considered a mini-computer. From sharing messages and watching videos to listening to music and playing games, you can perform quite an array of tasks on this amazing device.

Since its initial release, several latest versions or models have been launched with significant improvements over their predecessors. But, since it is just a technology, it also deals with various technical issues.

In this article, you’ll find the list of problems faced by iPhone users, along with the quick ways to get these issues resolved by yourself. So, let’s start.

1. Abrupt Touch ID Malfunction

Touch ID is one of the highly recognized upgrades released by Apple to unlock the device using fingerprints. But unfortunately, this upgrade is getting consumer complaints about introducing some bugs that stop this service.

Its best solution is to upgrade a device to iOS 8.0.2, as the 2nd patch has multiple app dependency bug fixes. It will also resolve touch ID issues.

2. Excessive Heating

Heavy usage and extremely intensive multitasking can heat your iPhone. Overheating may cause potential damage to your device, so it’s better to be careful. If you are struggling with iPhone overheating issues, take off any phone cover and turn on Airplane Mode to give it a break. If it’s still hot, don’t plug your phone to charge.

Stop using your iPhone while it is charging. Use low power mode and disable unnecessary apps running in the background. If you’re still facing the same problem, update to the latest iOS or reset all settings.

3. Terrible Battery Life

Would your iPhone not charge? Does it drain quickly even after charging completely? Do not need to replace your current device or buy a new one as you can fix it on your own. Before considering replacement, turn off your push mail or turn on low power mode to save the battery. 

Another option is to check the App Store for any pending updates on apps. If these methods do not work, perform a battery check and uninstall the apps drawing excessive battery.

4. Inappropriate Camera Function

Camera-related problems are something many iPhone users tend to complain about. Sometimes, it shows only the black screen and sometimes adds extra colors to the captured photos. Sometimes, various effects get applied to the pictures taken. Apple considers software-related problems to be the main cause as it takes control of the camera app.

Navigate through Settings-General instructions to figure out if any restrictions are enabled. A simple software reset or resetting your iPhone would fix this issue. If you didn’t see any improvement, uninstall and reinstall camera-related apps interfering with the running camera app.

5. Muffled Sound

iphones issues and solution
iPhone technical issues and solution

Trying to watch a video or listen to a podcast but can’t hear anything? There might be some sound issues on the iPhone. Though this is not regular, users find problems in their iPhones when the device starts to turn older, which is simply common with digital gadgets.

In this case, try to connect the BlueTooth headset to the iPhone and check if the sound is fine. Alternatively, update iOS to the latest available version and delete any dysfunctional apps interfering with the sound output. 

6. Unresponsive Touch Screen

There were instances where users found their phone touchscreen not responding to gestures when used in portrait mode. Even some customers stated that the screen remained unresponsive for a long period. After a deeper insight into the issue, Apple finds out the cause – software incompatibility.

If you’re also dealing with this problem, restart your phone by holding the Home and Sleep or Wake button until the Apple logo appears. After restarting the iPhone, the operating system will provide new memory to the touchscreen app. If it doesn’t solve the issue, reset your phone.  

7. Sudden Black Screen

Does your iPhone screen appear black after switching on it? This could be due to various hardware or software problems. Usually, software crashes make the phone screen freeze or black. To fix these kinds of screen issues, force restart your iPhone. 

If your device does not startup, charge it for around an hour. It’ll be okay if you see a charging screen just after a few minutes. Before you make any huge investment, make sure that the charger is in good condition and working properly. 

8. Unexpected App Freezing

Apps freezing and crashing are common issues on iPhones, but dealing with this problem is quite easy. You can easily sort it out by updating the frozen application to the latest version. For this, go to the App Store and then Profile. If you don’t get any improvement, relaunch your app. After this, restart your device.   

Another way is to check the app’s compatibility with the current iOS version because older ones will not run on the device. With iOS 11, Apple has updated from 32-bit to 64-bit applications. Get the list of outdated apps from Settings.

9. No Latest Version Updates

iphones issues and solution
iPhone technical issues and solution

Regular updates are becoming the need of almost every type of device. But, updating to the latest iOS version has become one of the common iPhone problems today. To fix this issue, connect your phone to a Mac computer and force restart.

If you couldn’t get an update option after this, try to restore the option to remove all data. This will help get the latest version and restore the backed-up data.

10. Inconsistent Data Backup

iCloud data backup is extremely important to save data. But, sometimes, the iPhone stops this process. If you’re struggling with this issue, check iCloud storage. If it is full, delete some data from it, such as unwanted photos, videos, games apps, etc.

If you want to save crucial data, upgrade that to the storage plan after checking the available iOS update. Or reset the network options by resetting the cellular, Wi-Fi passwords, and VPN settings.

The Conclusion

If you don’t have time to fix the iPhone issues, take help from iPhone tech support. iPhone app support services are designed to extend the life and provide a highly updated phone with efficient working.