Is Treadmill Good for Seniors in 2022?

Is Treadmill Good for Seniors

Older people looking to lose weight and get fit can benefit from walking, which is a low-impact exercise. Using a treadmill at home allows you to walk at any time.

Is treadmill good for seniors? Yes, the treadmill is completely safe and good for seniors if they use the correct settings.

Using a treadmill regularly can have many health benefits for seniors, including improving memory, and cardiovascular health, reducing arthritis pain, strengthening the immune system, and losing weight. 

Additionally, it can reduce the risk of elderly people developing physical disabilities or injuries by up to 41%, allowing them to live more independently.

Should Seniors Use Treadmills? 

Yes definitely. Seniors who wish to start a regular exercise routine at home can benefit from treadmills.

They’re easy to use, don’t take up much space, and can be used quietly with other workout accessories in the room (Like elliptical machines, recumbent exercise bikes, rowing machines for seniors, etc).

They are low-impact that can help beginners lose weight, get fit, and adapt to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Is Treadmill Good For Seniors? 

Don’t hesitate to give your grandparents a treadmill so they can walk indoors since this machine is completely safe if they follow treadmill safety guidelines. Using a treadmill can improve postural stability and, therefore, lower the risk of falling.

The most common and dangerous aging concern is falling. In most cases, falls are caused by poor balance or insufficient postural stability.

Additionally, one-third of seniors over 65 fall at least once per year, and half fall regularly. You can prevent such situations by walking on a treadmill. In addition, walking backward and forwards improves gait function in the elderly.

There are many benefits to using a treadmill for stroke therapy. Diabetes and high blood pressure are reduced as a result of it.

Additionally, jogging on training equipment is beneficial for increasing muscle strength and bone density. Therefore, it may help elderly people avoid osteoporosis or sarcopenia. 

How Far Should Seniors Walk Every Day?

Seniors should walk 2,000-9,000 steps per day, or 1-4.5 miles per day, to experience the greatest health benefits.

Physical activity guidelines recommend seniors and people with disabilities exercise for 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) to 300 minutes (5 hours) each week.

How Fast Should a 70-year-Old Walk on a Treadmill

What’s the best treadmill speed for older adults? According to a HealthLine report, 60-89 years old seniors should walk 2.77 to 2.17 miles per hour.

Average Treadmill Walking Speed for Adults and Seniors
Average Treadmill Walking Speed for Adults and Seniors

My Favorite Treadmill for Seniors

Best Overall

Rating: 5 out of 5.

SOLE F63 Treadmill


  • Easy-to-read display
  • Additional safety features
  • Well-cushioned deck
  • Sturdy side handles for walkers
  • 15% Incline
  • low-impact walk
  • Top Notch Warranty


  • Expensive options have fewer features
  • Slow Acceleration
  • The machine shakes a little while running

Benefits Of Treadmills For Seniors

Apart from jogging outdoors, many seniors use treadmills for home exercise. It is well known that exercise is good for health, but why should a senior buy a treadmill designed specifically for them? Here are some benefits that seniors can gain from using treadmills.

Easy To Use

Treadmills are easy to use, compact, and user-friendly which makes the workout process less complicated. When it comes to treadmills, I love the preset workout programs that make exercise easy for seniors.


Cardio exercise can be more enjoyable for seniors if they choose a treadmill that is safe. In addition, safety features such as a safety key, a lower step-up height, and a wider deck help prevent falls.

Using a treadmill regularly can improve both balance and coordination in seniors, according to a study.


Exercise can be easier and less frustrating when you find a perfect treadmill for seniors.

Boost Immune System

Walking on a training machine can enhance the immune system and make the body more resistant to sickness. In the event that an individual becomes older, this will be of great benefit to them.

Help Improve Cardiovascular Health

Their greatest advantage is improved cardiovascular health. Jogging or walking requires the heart to pump more blood, so the blood flow will be better when the heart pumps more blood. 

These types of heart exercises promote cardiovascular health and lower the risk of heart disease. 

Controlled Environment

Treadmills are much more controlled environments than walking or running outside. When you exercise on a treadmill, you don’t have to worry about tripping over curbs or being close to emergency medication.

Assist Elderly Stroke Patients In Regaining Fitness

Chronic stroke patients may have difficulty walking and moving appropriately. It is, fortunately, possible to improve your gait and overall fitness with the help of a training machine that offers a physical rehabilitation program. This allows you to move easily and independently.

Support Weight Loss

Keeping a healthy weight and burning calories is easy when you spend 30 minutes walking each day.

Walking on a treadmill safely can have additional weight-loss benefits for seniors. A recent study by Reuters found that jogging can also reduce cravings for sweet foods.

Improve Gait

Stroke and Parkinson’s patients may have difficulty moving freely. In both cases, walking on the equipment can help improve your gait. As a result, there is a reduced risk of falls and injuries.

Strengthens Abdominal Muscles

As you walk, your abdominal muscles work to stabilize your pelvis and trunk. This strengthens your muscular tissues. 

It is especially important for older adults to have strong abdominal muscles. As an example, they protect you from falls, maintain your balance, and improve your posture.

Treadmill workouts can help you build stronger muscles. In order to accomplish this, gradually increase the treadmill’s incline level or speed.

Treadmill for Seniors Buying Guide

Treadmill For Seniors Buying Guide
What To Look For When Buying A Treadmill For Seniors

Treadmills are now outfitted with features that suit your lifestyle and fitness level better than ever before. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a treadmill for seniors:

Type Of Treadmill

Generally speaking, there are four different types of treadmills

  1. Manual Treadmill
  2. Motorized Treadmill
  3. Hybrid Treadmill
  4. Medical Treadmill

Good Build Quality

Quality should always be the first consideration when choosing gym equipment. To ensure your safety, check the warranty duration based on your height, weight, and other safety factors.


Cushioning on treadmills is important for comfort and to reduce injury risk regardless of age. Age-related cartilage loss is especially problematic for active older adults.

Cheap treadmills often have poor cushioning, so if you’re on a budget, you should consider orthopedic sneakers. Some mid-priced treadmills come with orthopedic cushioning, but you can’t take this for granted.

The best option is variable cushioning because it provides a firmer surface at the back of the track (where you push off) and a softer surface at the front.

You will be able to improve your overall fitness performance and results by using a training machine with good cushioning.

Wider Treadmill Belt

When walking on a treadmill, a wide belt can prevent unnecessary falls and injuries for those who struggle with balance. Exercise shouldn’t feel like a tightrope walk.

Comfortable walking is possible with treadmill belts that come with shock absorbency power.


A treadmill with an incline that simulates walking uphill is one of the most beneficial tools I share with my seniors who struggle with joint issues. 

The system reduces knee pressure by shifting your body weight naturally. Calorie loss and muscle tone are two benefits of the treadmill incline. 

If you walk at an incline, you will burn calories twice as fast as if you walked at zero degrees. Additionally, each incline setting recruits your muscles differently. 

There are a few treadmills with dramatic maximum slopes, but most have maximum power inclines of 10-20%.

Safety Features

A powerful cardio machine should have special safety features to ensure your safety. Home treadmills typically have short handrails. 

Long handrails or handlebars are always an important consideration when shopping for a treadmill for seniors. Choose a treadmill that features a heart rate monitor.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Walking Treadmill is a great treadmill for seniors with non-slip grips to help with balance (like the Sunny Health & Fitness Walking Treadmill.

Are you worried about losing your balance? Choose a treadmill with an emergency stop key to automatically stop the belt to prevent injuries and falls If you slip.

Easily Collapsible or Foldable

Foldable treadmills are a great way to save space, but they’re even better when they’re equipped with hydraulic lift assist, making opening and closing effortless. For easy portability, most collapsible treadmills also have wheels.

Digital Displays

Using backlit screens, seniors can easily monitor their progress, including distance walked, calories burned, heart rate, speed, and more.

Several advanced treadmills can connect to apps that stream live workouts and allow you to connect with a personal trainer (such as the NordicTrack T Series treadmill).

Easy Access Buttons

Several treadmills feature buttons that allow the elderly to adjust the incline, speed, and heart rate without losing their grip.

Easy To Assemble

A treadmill for seniors should be easy to assemble.


You should choose a motorized treadmill over a manual treadmill, as manual treadmills tend to be less sturdy and harder on your joints. You should look for a motor with at least 2 horsepower. 

The larger the motor, the quieter, smoother, and cooler it runs. Place the motor in a way that won’t interfere with your workout.

12 Best Treadmill Alternatives For Seniors

The treadmill may not be suitable for people with certain health conditions. These are some excellent treadmill alternatives to exercise on a daily basis:

Treadmill Alternatives
12 Best Treadmill Alternatives
  1. Yoga
  2. Pilates
  3. Ball Exercise
  4. Resistance Band Exercise
  5. Exercise Bike
  6. Elliptical Machine
  7. Rowing Machines
  8. Vertical Climber
  9. Suspension Trainers
  10. Walking
  11. Jump Rope
  12. Boxing Workout

Pros and Cons of Treadmills For Seniors

Same Level of DifficultyNot All Muscles Get Worked
Prevent injuriesTreadmills Can Be Boring
Simulate Race EnvironmentsFewer Agility Benefits
It’s easier on your jointsMost Treadmills Don’t Have A Downhill Option
Convenience, easy to use, time-savingNo Fresh Air
Works in all seasons and weather
Pros and Cons of Treadmills For Seniors

Common Treadmill Mistakes Seniors Make

  • Choosing the wrong treadmill
  • Wearing the wrong shoes and clothing
  • Forget to warm up/ stretch before the workout

What Safety Guidelines Should Seniors Follow?

The treadmill is safe for old-age people, but they must follow safety precautions to maximize workout results.

  • It is recommended that patients with cardiovascular disease walk regularly and leisurely. To start on the treadmill, they must complete a 6-minute walking test.
  • Prior to jogging on the machine, monitor vitals such as heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Heart disease patients should not run.
  • The wrong footwear can worsen knee injuries and cause further problems.
  • Those with knee ailments should use a 0% incline and a speed of 4 or 4.5 miles per hour.
  • Joggers with back injuries should use additional lumbar accessories.

Which Workouts Should Senior Citizens Avoid?

Older adults should avoid some workout routines. They include; 

  • Leg Press
  • Bench Press
  • Deadlift, 
  • Squats With Weights
  • Hiit
  • Upright Row

Treadmill for Seniors’ Cost

In general, treadmills cost between $450 and $4,000, depending on the brand and features.

Best Treadmill For Seniors FAQs

Are Treadmills Good For Senior Older People?

Almost anyone can benefit from treadmills, regardless of their age. Please consult a registered clinician before beginning any exercise if you have concerns.

Is Treadmill Worth It for Seniors

Yes definitely.

Which Treadmill Is Best For Seniors?

The Sole F63 is my top pick for the best treadmill for elderly people. If you want a budget-friendly option then Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7857 Treadmill will be the perfect choice for you. However, Individuals are different and seek different features. 

How Long Should A 70-Year-Old Walk On A Treadmill?

The 70-year-old should begin with 10 to 15 minutes of exercise once medically cleared. Make sure you don’t do too much too fast!

As your physical fitness improves and you become more comfortable with the treadmill, gradually increase your time on it.

Elliptical Vs Treadmill for Seniors: Which One is Better?

Compared to the treadmill, the elliptical offers a lower impact workout. An elliptical machine is perfect for seniors because they minimize stress on joints responsible for chronic pain, such as hips, knees, and backs.

Those with arthritis and joint pain should consider Elliptical. Runners can also use the elliptical as a cross-training tool. 

As well as working the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, many ellipticals have handlebars that make them whole-body machines. The elliptical machine moves forward and backward, allowing you to target a variety of muscles.

Are Treadmill Workouts Bad for Knees?

Generally, the answer is NO. But you may encounter problems, especially if you increase the speed. Increasing speed puts more pressure on the knees. In turn, this may cause knee irritation or increased pain.


Senior citizens can benefit from treadmill workouts by living a healthier lifestyle. You can boost your immune system, mobility, posture, and balance by running or walking. 

Additionally, you will burn more calories and lose weight. Last but not least, your lower body parts will become stronger through the workout programs. 

You can really benefit from exercise if you want to overcome age-related health problems. However, treadmills must be used with caution. This device can be more dangerous for older adults if not used properly. 

When exercising on a treadmill, you should always prioritize your safety. Make sure the treadmill you choose is suitable for seniors.

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