Is Kiwi Design Controller Grips Cover Worth It for Oculus Quest 2?

Kiwi Design Controller Grips Cover for Oculus Quest 2

These are the Oculus Quest 2 controller grips from Kiwi Design that offer some truly unique features compared to the rest of the competition. So if you’re in the market for a pair of grip covers for your best VR controllers, should you get these? Are these the best oculus quest accessories? Let’s find out! 

So we’ve been playing with these Kiwi Design Controller Grips Cover for a couple of weeks now and we have to say we really like playing with them. It’s a really good design. We loved their controller grip covers on the original Quest and this is no different from that. This is actually even better than that.

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What’s in the Box of Kiwi Design Controller Grips Cover

  • 2 Battery Compartment Cover
  • 6 Plastic Battery Pull Tab
  • 2 Controller Grip Cover

Key Features

  • Round ear buckle
  • Reserved Hole
  • The Battery Opening Design
  • Release Your Hands Freely
  • Comfortable & Sweatproof
  • Left and right signs
  • Easy to install and remove

Overall Rating 4.8

Adjustable Hand Strap and Ring

We love that the adjustable strap is down and not attached to the ring. Some other grip covers you will see are actually attached to the ring. That runs the risk of breaking the ring when you put pressure on it. 

So, great to see that it’s down from the ring, and it’s really well molded into the cover itself so it’s not going to break anytime soon. The velcro is really strong as well, so that’s not going to come off, so you can throw a grenade and let go and it’s not gonna fall away from your hand. 

So if you’re playing Oculus Quest 2 VR games like Beat Saber, or you’re playing VR games on VR treadmills wearing VR backpacks and trying to throw a grenade in Contractors Virtual Reality game, or something like that, you don’t really have to worry about holding on to the controller that hard, which really helps with longer gaming sessions. 

With smaller hands, you might notice a bit of extra flap because if this is really tight it could hang off the bottom, but then you can just cut that off with a pair of scissors and you’d be fine. 

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Battery Compartment

So, a unique feature that these grip covers have that we think differentiates them from most in the market is the battery compartment. 

One of the most annoying things with the grip cover is every time you change the battery, or you need to change the battery, you have to take the grip cover off, you have to put it back on again, and then every time you need to take it on and off.

But, here, you don’t need to worry so you can just open the battery chamber door and you can see your battery straight underneath! It’s got its own little battery compartment. Take the battery out. Put the new battery in. And then just flip the compartment back down. That, I think, is a really really cool feature, and a lot of people will actually make them start to consider grip covers rather than just not bother because they find it just generally inconvenient and annoying. 

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Installing the Covers

So installing this is super easy. Just take your controller, take off the battery compartment because the grip cover comes with its own battery cover. With the battery compartment, just slide that on. Make sure that is tucked in, and then take the battery and slide this in. 

Making sure the plastic battery pull tab is underneath, and then just tuck that plastic battery pull tab in so it’s out the way. Now take the cover itself and then you just slide the controller down into the VR controller cover. 

Once it’s slid into place there are two belts on the top of the controller cover which you just need to adjust or hooked. And then just squeeze that battery compartment down and there you go! All nicely installed. 

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Pros of Kiwi Design Controller Grips Cover

Easy to install

Easy to replace

Humanized design

Provides better protection for your Oculus Quest 2 VR controllers


Is the battery pull tab made of plastic? What if it’s broken?

If one of the battery pulls tabs breaks, you can replace it with another from the set. There’s no need to be concerned about this.

How can I clean it without removing the entire grips cover?

Wet wipes can be used to clean it, and tissues can be used to dry it. Make sure the cleaning fluid doesn’t get into the battery compartment.

Final Verdict

So overall we’ve really been enjoying playing with this. We find it super comfortable. Fits really well in our hands. You can play games like Contractors or Beat Saber. You can throw grenades and really not have to worry about whether you’re actually going to throw your controller into your TV screen. 

And Beat Saber is a great one as well. You can just loosely hold it. It doesn’t really matter that you have to hold it super tight because you’re afraid you’re going to go and let it go. 

The actual material itself is really nice. It’s not too thick, it’s not too thin, it’s just right, and it’s a lovely textured finish as well. So when you get hot it doesn’t get slippery and it molds really well around the controller. 

If you have an issue with grip or want extra security, or just want a pair of grip covers that don’t get in the way, then we thoroughly recommend the Kiwi Design controller grip covers. They are great VR accessories to buy around only $29

Love and Credit goes to my favorite channel: My Tech Gear’s owner

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