Best Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review USA 2022 [Pros & Cons]

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review USA 2021 Pros & Cons

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review: As parents, we must develop a variety of strategies for keeping our children relaxed and secure. It’s simple to get a variety of equipment designed for your baby’s safety thanks to modern technologies.

In this article, we’ll give you our honest review about Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor, a modern-day blessing for new moms. You can see our list of Top 5 Best Baby Monitors for Camping/Home With Camera and Top 10 Best Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras and Split Screen for twins or two rooms.

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Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor
Color: Cotton Candy, Pistachio, Turquoise
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.7 x 3 x 1.6 inches
Item Weight: 2.53 Pounds
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Lollipop Smart Sensor
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What is Lollipop Baby Monitor?

A Lollipop baby monitor is a monitor that can capture audio and video and may be placed in your baby’s room to provide you with footage of them. The company takes the basic premise and turns it into a simple but attractive monitor that lets you know how your babies are doing at night when they are alone.

It connects to the internet via WiFi and includes a variety of useful functions such as cry detectors, movie-making tools, bendable legs, various cameras, and so forth. The Lollipop baby monitor is one of the most popular baby monitors on the market right now.


Ease of use (4.4/5)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Design (4.5/5)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Night vision (4.5/5)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Picture & Sound Quality (4.3/5)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Signal Range (4.3/5)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Value for money (4.3/5)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What’s in the Box

We’re gonna start by taking a look at what’s in the box. In the box, you get your standard items like a power cord, power adaptor, and a few cord guards. It also comes with a wall-mounting kit in the form of this branching-looking thing, a wall plate, and, obviously, the camera itself. 

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Pros and Cons of The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review


  • Easy to install and use
  • Flexible, adjustable, smart, and modern design to adapt to different areas
  • The Lollipop flexible tail can mount 5 different ways
  • Two-way talk and sound/lullaby capable
  • Long-lasting battery for continuous recording
  • Split-screen viewing and supports multiple cameras
  • Reliable cry detection feature and alerts (barrier detection, etc)
  • Clear night view
  • Use multiple phones & wifi
  • Good video and audio quality
  • Additional smart sensor
  • Preloaded soothing music in-app
  • Affordable price


  • Need fast wi-fi connection
  • Some extra cost: have to purchase smart sensor to access extra features
  • No pan or tilt feature
  • Sometimes Wi-fi transmission is not as secure

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Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

Best Baby Monitor with Smart Features

Sleep Tracking, Multi-Streaming, Crying Detection, Audio Mode, Night Vision, Bendable Leg, 2 Way Talk, Plays Lullabies and White Noise, Remote Zoom, Sound Clarity

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What Comes Inside the Camera (Child Unit)

Let’s nerd out for a minute and talk about what comes inside the camera. The Sony IMX.225 CMOS sensor on the Lollipop is 1/3-inch and has a resolution of 1.27 megapixels. It also records video at a quality of 720p and a frame rate of 30 frames per second. 

Lollipop Baby Monitor Features:

  • Sleep Tracking
  • Multi-Streaming
  • Crying Detection
  • Audio Mode
  • Advanced Night Vision
  • Bendable Leg (Wrap on Crib or Wall Mount)
  • 2 Way Talk
  • Plays Lullabies and White Noise
  • Remote Zoom
  • Excellent Design & Color
  • Sound Clarity
  • Room temperature monitor, ( have to buy lollipop smart sensor separately)
  • VOX
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Baby Monitor App & Alerts (Crossing detection, Noise detection, Sensor detection)
  • Integration with Smart Home Devices

Comparison With Other Monitors

In comparison, the Miku monitor features a 1/4-inch 5-megapixel sensor, broadcasts 1080p video at 30 frames per second, and has a 130-degree field of vision.

The reason we compare this to the Miku monitor is that this starts at about $150. If you wanna an add-on Lollipop Smart Sensor, it’s around $50 to $55. And the Miku comes in at around $400, so you can see that there’s quite a big price difference, but the Miku has a lot of hardcore tech going on, where this is just more run-of-the-mill. 

Night Vision Discussion

Let’s continue this nerd sesh with the night vision discussion. What we do understand is that this monitor has two different night vision infrared settings that switch on and off automatically depending on how far away or how close the monitor is to whatever it’s looking at. 

  1. 8 infrared LED 940nm IR light for short distance monitors.
  2. 8 infrared LED 850nm IR light for long distance monitors.

So, it’s pretty neat, and you don’t have to worry about it, it does it automatically. That concludes the nerd-out sesh portion of this review. 

Features Within the App (Parent Unit)

All right, let’s move on to the features within the app (Android & IOS compatible). Connecting the monitor to the app is super easy, and the app comes with a nice array of features. One of them is that the Lollipop can tell the difference between ambient noise and crying, and you will also get an alert for each type of noise. 

You can configure the sensitivity of these noises through the app, so you’re not overloaded with all kinds of alerts. It also has a nice array of white noise options. It can be integrated with Alexa. You also have the ability to see the data history. And to round it all off, you can set the privacy mode which prevents video streams from recording to the cloud. 

If you’re so inclined, you can catch live video and audio streams from the Lollipop website. This, doubtfully, will replace your Reddit or Twitter viewing, but, if you want to actually feel good about wasting time at work, you now have a solid option for that. 

Subscription Plans / Packages / Pricing

This monitor also has a continuous recording feature which means you have access to a whole heck of a lot of empty crib footage. How much footage you have access to is based on what subscription package you buy, so let’s talk about those packages real quick. You have four subscription plans. 

Base PlanAdvance PlanPremier PlanElite Plan
Free2.99/mo or 29.9/yr9.99/mo or 99/yr19.99/mo or 199/yr
7-day event recording30-day event recording10-day continuous recording30-day continuous recording
Intelligent alertsIntelligent alertsIntelligent alertsIntelligent alerts
Customized activity zonesCustomized activity zonesCustomized activity zonesCustomized activity zones
Video downloadVideo download

The Base version gives you seven days’ worth of event recording, intelligent alerts, snapshots, and custom activity zones. 

The Advanced package is like the Base option except that you get 30 days’ worth of event recording. 

The Premier package is like the Advanced except that you get 10 days worth of continuous recording, which means the feed is always on. You also have the ability to download that video. 

Now, the Elite version is the Premier, but, instead of the 10 days of continuous recording, you get 30 days of continuous recording. 

Lollipop Baby Monitor Setup

All right, let’s talk about setup. The options for mounting this monitor are unique in that it’s the only monitor that we’re aware of that comes with a bendy stem thing. 

So, when it comes to mounting, you have five mounting possibilities

five mounting options - lollipop smart baby monitor review with pros and cons USA 2021
  •  You can mount it on the crib rail using the cord guards. 
  • You’ve got the bond mount, which you use that plastic thing to secure the bendy part to the crib rail, and that’s all technical speak. 

Note: Any cords on or around a baby’s crib are potentially dangerous. We do not advise this kind of setup.

  • You can also use the branch with the wall mount plate to mount it to the wall. 
  • You also have the ability to do a surface-type mount where you just curl the stem around like so, easy peasy, fresh and squeezy… Kinda. Definitely not our favorite option. 
  • The last option you have is called, roll mount, and we will talk more about that in a minute. 

For us, the crib-mounting option is not ideal, especially for older children. Our baby would eat this thing for breakfast if we had it mounted to the crib, so not an option for us. 

Now, wall-mounting is ideal for newborns, but the setup only comes with three cord covers, so you’ll want to mount it out of the reach of your baby, obviously. 

Surface-mounting is available, again, like we said, with manipulating the stem, but it doesn’t ever seem that sturdy, especially after you’ve bent it around a few times. 

Now, this type of surface mounting will give you more options in terms of where you can place it because you can manipulate the stem around different things if you wanna do a little bit of Art Deco, it’s pretty cool, right? 

But you will lose some visibility into the crib, obviously, because you’re losing that bird’s-eye view that you would get if you were to mount it on the wall, or even if you attached it to the crib looking in. 

So, for this monitor, though, we would recommend investing in some sort of tablet floor stand. And then utilizing the roll mount. So, you just wrap the tail around what you’ve got yourself. So, all you have to do is just wrap the tail around the stand and then you’ve got yourself a floor stand. Pretty sweet. 

So then utilizing the DIY floor stand option will allow you to get the monitor close to the crib, and also achieve that bird’s-eye view looking down into the crib while keeping the cord a safe distance from the crib. 

Lollipop Smart Sensor

All right, now let’s move on to the Lollipop sensor. There are a few functions that aren’t built directly into the monitor, which are temperature, humidity, and air quality readings. If you want to be able to monitor those stats, then you will need to buy this, which is the Lollipop sensor. Connecting the sensor to the app is really easy even after moving the sensor around to different spots.

We did this to test the sensor in different locations. So, we tested the sensor right under the monitor, then about six feet from the monitor, and then about 15 feet from the monitor and got the same readout every time. Not really sure what that means other than that our studio seemed to be fairly well temperature- and humidity-controlled, so it’s good for us, we guess. 

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Lollipop Smart Sensor

Smart Sensor For Lollipop Baby Monitor

Environment Accessory Of Lollipop Monitor
Temperature / Humidity / Air Quality Detection
Daily / Weekly Data Chart App
Bluetooth Connection

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In seven words, we were pleasantly surprised by this monitor. The video and audio quality was definitely not the best compared to other monitors, but it more than gets the job done. That said, for some reason, we really enjoy the night vision with this monitor. It just looks super soft and dreamy. 

We wish the air quality monitoring was included in the camera because we frequently check the air temperature and humidity, and having to buy separate equipment to do so is a little inconvenient. But, as we said, it’s easy to move the sensor around, and it connects to the monitor very quickly. 

The subscription packages are a bit pricey for me, especially with what’s offered in each service. We simply don’t need access to 30 days of continuous video recording. 

The Lollipop app does have a background audio feature, but it only works if your phone is connected to the same wifi as the monitor, which is a bit of a pain, especially if you’re wanting to do some work outside, or in your garage, or wherever, and those areas happen to be outside your wifi range. 

This monitor, on the other hand, has a lot of positive features. We do enjoy the mounting flexibility. The range of mounting options makes this an extremely adaptable monitor, meaning as your kid gets older, you can move this around to suit your monitoring needs. 

You may also create your own DIY stand to attain the same floor stand experience as the Nanit Plus and Miku baby monitors. 

The app is quite well-made and gives a pleasant, simple, and uncomplicated experience. It has many of the same features as its top competitors like Miku, Nanit Plus, Cocoon Cam, etc.

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Is It Required to Plug in the Lollipop Camera?

Yes. It’s not battery powered but we personally don’t see it as a problem.

What Is Crossing Detection On Lollipop Baby Monitor?

The lollipop baby monitor has an outstanding safety function where you can set a border inside the camera view and get a notification if there is movement outside of that border.

This could alert you if your baby’s arm or leg becomes stuck in the crib walls, or it might be very handy when your child tries to climb out of their crib!

Is It Possible To Talk With Your Baby Using The Lollipop Baby Monitor Device?

Yes, indeed. The Lollipop Baby Monitor has two-way communication.

Can I Connect Lollipop Baby Monitor With Multiple Cameras?

Yes, you can connect the Lollipop Monitor to multiple cameras!

Can I Use the Lollipop Baby Monitor With Multiple Phones?

Absolutely! You can use Lollipop with as many phones and tablets as you choose.

Is It Necessary To Keep The App Open On Your Phone All The Time?

Nope! You do not always need to keep the lollipop app open on your phone. 

Is the Lollipop camera safe?

Lollipop uses WiFi for data transmission, it’s always possible that it may be hacked, just like any other WiFi-enabled gadget. Lollipop, on the other hand, claims to use industry-standard encryption and cloud security to ensure that your data is as safe as possible.

How Can I Factory Reset My Lollipop Camera?

Make sure the camera is plugged in before attempting to reset it. Then, through the hole behind the camera’s silicone ring, insert a small item such as a needle or paper clip. Hold down the button inside for 10 seconds and then release it.

Where to Buy Lollipop Baby Monitor Near Me?

Lollipop Child Monitor Camera is available on Amazon online shopping shop.

Our Verdict

It’s an attractive baby monitor. It truly looks like something you’d use for your infant, not some weird security camera, unlike so many others. The price is reasonable, and the functions/features provided are more than adequate.

Is there a better monitor on the market? Yes, of course. However, they are far more expensive. Furthermore, they do not have the same mounting flexibility.

The Lollipop Cam has everything you need if all you want is a decent picture and audio quality plus a few unexpected nice features. Finally, You can buy it.

Lollipop Baby Monitor ALTERNATIVES

Best Deal
Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount
Color: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.3 x 3.5 x 1 inches
Item Weight: 1 Pounds
Check On Amazon
Best Deal
Eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor
Color: White
Product Dimensions: 4.15 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
Item Weight: 1.32 pounds
Check On Amazon

At a Glance

Hot Deal
Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor
Color: Cotton Candy, Pistachio, Turquoise
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.7 x 3 x 1.6 inches
Item Weight: 2.53 Pounds
Check On Amazon
Best Deal
Lollipop Smart Sensor
Color: Grey
Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 2.36 x 1.22 inches
Item Weight: 6.7 ounces
Check On Amazon

Thanks, everybody, we will see you in the next post.

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