Is Merge Cube Worth Buying USA? Best VR Review

Merge Cube Review

Merge Cube Review: Merge Cube allows you to hold and interact with virtual 3D objects. Merge Cube transforms into a powerful new learning tool when combined with Merge EDU apps and mobile devices.


  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • It a lot of fun
  • Best learning gadget


  • Not enough content
  • There are glitches

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What Is Merge Cube?

Merge Cube Review

MERGE VR Cube is a hologram cube made of a squishy, foam-like material. No worries if it falls. You won’t have to worry about it breaking into pieces and ruining your fun.

It just looks like a cool little black box when you take it out of the box. But the most amazing feature is the MERGE Cube App! Playing with the holocube alone or with the merged VR goggles provides a variety of options for your kids.

It’s no secret that augmented reality got a nice boost from Apple’s ARKit in iOS 11, which increased the visual quality of digital objects placed into your reality. What if your iPhone’s camera could transform almost anything into a physical object you can hold, feel, and rotate? That’s what Merge Cube is all about.

Merge Cube looks and feels like a squeezable stress reliever, so it is durable and kid-safe. It is really cheap, at this point in time, Walmart and Amazon sell it for around $20-$30. 

All the Merge Cube’s sides are covered with shiny silver symbols, which allows your phone to automatically track its position when it is held near the camera on the back.

If you have an app or game on your phone that is compatible with it, that’s when the magic happens. This silly little cube can appear as a planet, a human organ, or a Rubik’s Cube when you view it on your iPhone screen, and all of these objects are fully rotateable and observable in all directions. 

In spite of the Merge Cube’s toy-like design, the digital illusion can be pretty beautiful. If you hold the cube in your hand and examine the human lungs or Mars, the graphics are typically accurate, even as you rotate and flip the cube.

However, the interaction can be awkward at times, especially when you hold the phone in one hand and the Cube in the other.

The Merge Cube is supported by about 25 apps and games, some of them free, some costing a couple of dollars. Playing Tiltball, in which you rotate the cube to guide a ball around the maze-like levels, and 57° North, a game that tells a story in 3D, was also enjoyable to me.

Additionally, the planet-viewing Galactic Explorer and organ-focused AnatomyAR+ were both fun downloads.

Most of them, however, felt like diversionary activities. Our experiences with all the games were kind of cool at best; nothing captivated or kept our attention for very long. Kids might find these digital creations a lot more interesting since The Merge Cube is targeted at those 10+.

According to our view, the Merge Cube doesn’t have a killer app yet-at least not yet. It is hoped that third-party creators will keep tinkering and create fantastic games. The apps mentioned above have real learning potential, but at the moment they are pretty superficial.

Using the Merge Cube on your phone screen is enough, but if you want a slightly more immersive experience, you can use the soft-foam Merge VR Goggles.

Through the Goggles, you can view the Cube without having to hold your phone in your hand, which makes it easier to interact with some of the games and apps.

Additionally, you can use other smartphone-based VR headsets (like Google Cardboard ones) as long as they have a button for input.

5 Merge Cube Facts You Should Know

AR and the merge cube are both highly anticipated tech gadgets with a bright future, so why not learn as much as we can about them so that we can draw solid conclusions? Here you will learn all about merge cube and its connection with augmented reality.

1. Intention

The merge cube is designed to deliver a real sense of holding an object in the virtual world. When used with a VR headset, a merge cube offers a world of possibilities. 

In reality, your hand is actually holding only an object, the cube. In virtual reality, you could hold anything else, an ancient rock, a crown, an extinct animal, etc.

The merge cube is both entertaining and educational. You can enjoy Merge cube and learn from it. The merge cube revolutionized education. The merge cube is used by many schools and teachers to show their students information that was previously only discussed.

It would be amazing to actually hold something rather than reading about it or seeing an extremely old, low-quality photo of it. It is not only easier for students to learn, but it is also much more fun.

When combined with augmented reality or a virtual reality headset, the merge cube offers countless possibilities. Merge cubes have been of great significance for disabled and mentally challenged children. The future may hold more for these. Only time will tell.

2. Compatibility

Your phone must be compatible with the merge cube before it can be used. Not all smartphones are compatible. Before purchasing a merge cube, you should check its compatibility.

Compatibility is greatly impacted by having the latest software. iOS 11 or newer is required for Apple devices, while Android devices must run Android 7 or newer.

Following are the smartphones that are currently compatible with the merge cube: iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 5th generation or newer, Samsung Galaxy S5 and newer, HTC One M8 and newer, LG G4 and newer, Motorola Moto X2 and newer, Google Pixel – all generations, Google Nexus 9 and newer, Google Nexus 5X and newer, Asus Zenfone AR and newer, etc.

3. Apps

Merge cube applications are unique. These applications are made exclusively for merging cubes.

Exactly how does this work? VR and AR are the key points for this to work. In reality, you hold a box, but in the virtual world, you hold something quite different. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Using a merge cube, you can import 3D models from external sources. You can have some fun with the merge cube by playing some games that let you interact with objects, thus with the merge cube.

You can use some of those games on the entire cube, while others use the cube as an object.

The learning apps are the second section of the merge cube apps. They help you learn a wide range of skills. In these learning apps, you learn and have fun at the same time. 

As you touch the artifacts from the museums, you can learn anatomy while seeing each organ and nerve and memorizing it more quickly. Extinct animals, old times, constellations, etc. are all available to explore. 

4. Appearance

Merge cubes are simple gray cubes with engravings. In reality, these ‘engravings’ are codes, which connect the cube to the apps. It is hard to imagine how much it holds.

This gadget is also popular due to its somewhat simple style. Looking at it almost makes you doubt its power. It’s a clever trick!

5. Future

Merge cube seems to have a bright future. Nobody knows where it will lead, but maybe this will be a revolution!

Presently, the merge cube is exclusive to some apps, but it is expected that the list of these apps will continue to grow, giving users more content they can learn from or play with.

Based on its simplicity of use, the merge cube is most suitable for elementary level students, but maybe someday it will be developed into something more challenging for older students.

As a side note, converting the merge cube into something more serious might even make this gadget more useful to businessmen, by making their job easier or less stressful.

The future is unpredictable and unknown, but we can certainly hope for the best and offer them any suggestions that can improve the merge cube.

Merge Cube Review: Bottom line

The Merge Cube is a fun AR accessory. As a kid-friendly toy, the Merge Cube manages to make augmented reality more tangible. For now, there is no compelling content beyond the initial wow factor on the Cube, but younger users should enjoy it, and the low price makes it an easy purchase for your tech-curious kids.