Must-Have Nothing Phone (1) Accessories (Aug 2022)

Nothing Phone 1 Accessories

As you know, Nothing recently released its very first smartphone called Nothing Phone 1, which has a pretty unique design. And the most stunning thing is that it features a transparent back and multiple led lights named the Glyph. 

However, the downgrade is there isn’t any 3.5-mm audio jack and they did not include the charger in the box. This is why we made a list of must-have accessories for Nothing Phone 1 that can help you get the most out of it. So without further ado let’s get started.

1. Rumixi 18W Nothing Phone Wireless Charger

Rumixi 18W Nothing Phone Wireless Charger

Avoid tangled cables with the Rumixi wireless charger, which can juice up a Nothing Phone 1 effortlessly and conveniently. This charging stand delivers up to 15 watts of wireless output so you can have fully charged devices in no time. 

It even supports multi-angle adjustment allowing you to find the ideal position for your Nothing Phone One. This wireless charger can also be positioned horizontally and vertically, which is pretty convenient for watching videos. 

Also because of its folding design, it can be placed in your backpack more easily. With built-in protection, your device is protected from over current, over-voltage, and over temperature. 

The back of the device features massive heat dissipation holes, making charging even cooler and safer. it’s even coated with a layer of skin-like silicone which is 100% antistatic and can endure external collisions or scratches.

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2. Anker Nano II 45W USB C Charger

Anker Nano II 45W USB C Charger

You might already know that Nothing Phone 1 does not include the charger meaning you have to buy it extra. This is why we have the Anker Nano II for you, which can deliver a 45-watt power output to juice up your phone in no time. 

Also, this charger is almost 34% smaller than other standard 45-watt chargers. Besides, this charger is powered by GaN II Technology which increases the operating frequency and makes the charger compact without compromising the power. Being compact in size, it takes less space and has the ultimate portability.

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3. Nothing Ear (1) Wireless Earbuds

Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds

Nothing is trying to create its own ecosystem, probably, which is why they didn’t provide the 3.5-mm jack in their very first smartphone; Nothing Phone 1. But to listen to your favorite music we would like to present Nothing Ear (1), which has the same transparent design as Nothing Phone 1. 

You can even juice up your Ear 1 by simply placing it on your phone 1 because the phone supports reverse wireless charging. It has a powerful 11.6-mm driver which ensures crisp and detailed audio. 

With active noise cancelation, these earbuds can block external noises to let you immerse yourself in the world of music. For better call performance, it features three high-definition microphones. 

The ear one also has touch and slight controls as well as in-ear detection. in terms of battery life, this device delivers up to 34 hours of playback with the case and up to 24 hours while ANC mode is on.

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4. Anker Powecore 5K Magnetic Powerbank

Anker Powecore 5K Magnetic Powerbank

You might need to juice up your Nothing Phone 1 while going on a long trip, which is why we would love to suggest you take the Anker Powecore 5K with you. This power bank is slim, compact, easy to carry, and ensures instant charging wherever you go. 

It has a 5 000 milliamp battery capacity which can provide you with up to 17 hours of extended use. This power bank also features wireless charging, so no more the guard with cables. With a USB-C port, you can not only charge Nothing Phone but also your headphones, tablets, or even your friend’s smartphone. 

Coated with a rubberized finish, it’s protected from accidental drops. Not only that, its multi-project features can guard your device against short circuits over temperature and more.

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5. Nothing Phone 1 Screen Protector

Nothing Phone 1 Screen Protector

You just cannot leave your precious phone screen alone to get scratches and external damages right? To prevent them, you can use the Nothing Phone 1 screen guard which has ultra-responsive touch sensitivity. With a 9H high hardness rating; this screen protector delivers scratch and drops resistance. 

It even comes with a special oil coating to minimize fingerprints so your phone’s screen will stay neat and clean. Besides, a dust-free cleaning cloth, dust sticker, and applicator can help you with easy installation.

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6. Phone 1 Case

Nothing Phone 1 Case

The Nothing Phone 1’s most tracking segment is the back, which is transparent and includes multiple LED lights. To show them off while adding extra protection, you can get the transparent phone 1 case. 

The case is specifically designed for Nothing Phone 1 features including the glyph interface. It’s made from clear polycarbonate and flexible materials for durability and perfect fit. 

You don’t even have to remove the case while you’re planning to juice up your device wirelessly. Also, this case is lightweight and shock resistant. 

In short, to guard your Nothing Phone 1 against drops and other damages, you should definitely buy this case.

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Where to Buy Nothing Phone Accessories Near Me?

You can buy Nothing Phone accessories from their official website. Otherwise, you can check out Amazon for a huge accessories collection and alternatives.

Why I Need Accessories for Nothing Phone 1?

You might already know that nothing phone 1 does not include the charger and 3.5-mm audio jack. That’s why you need to buy them extra. You should also need to buy some gadgets to protect and decorate your phone.


That’s all about the master of Nothing Phone accessories. Which one do you want to buy? We would love to hear from you. Please let us know in the comment box and thanks for reading our article. Share with your friends if you find this article to be helpful.

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