Pizzazz Presto Pizza Oven Review 2022 USA, Best Rotating Pizza Oven

pizzazz presto pizza oven review

What is the Pizzazz Presto Pizza Oven, exactly?

Entertaining! The general user feedback is that cooking homemade pizza is a very easy, fun way to offer your family salt- and additive-free pizza made from your own easily made dough and topped with healthy options.

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It’s exactly what it says it is – a small, countertop pizza cooking device. It cooks other stuff as well – but we’ll come to that later.

You’ll definitely know the ‘Presto’ brand name. It’s an American business that since 1905, has been selling small kitchen appliances. So, with some really clever little gadgets, it’s a proven brand – and this revolving pizza oven is one of them.

It has been on the market since 2001 and with over 4,000 Amazon ratings, has stood the test of time.

It weighs just 8 lbs, measures 16″ long by 14″ wide and 10″ high – so it is small enough to be easily stored away. It has two separate components: the electrical machine and a non-stick pizza plate that fits 7″ to 12″ pizzas.”

Strictly speaking, in the sense that it is not sealed, it isn’t an oven. On the pan, the pizza lies and rotates under the grill.

The best thing about that is that children and adults!) will sit watching their pizza cooking for hours – it’s fascinating!

How the pizzazz presto pizza oven is working? Take a peek!

Basically, you’re going to plug it in, put your pizza on the tray, set the timer, turn it on, and leave it alone. The tray rotates, cooking your pizza under the electric part evenly.

The machine has an automatic cut-off switch, so when the cooking time is over, it turns the components off and makes a pleasant little ‘dinging’ noise to let you know that your pizza is ready.
Great benefit – no more burned pizzas!

An easy-to-see switch on top of the unit controls the top and bottom components independently, so you can cook your pizza exactly the way you want it.

Would you prefer a crispy foundation, or would you like to cook your pizza dough first? Start cooking with the bottom part alone.

Like a top bubbly? When the base has finished cooking, turn the top part on and give it enough time to cook the topping.

Do you want to cook a frozen pizza? Using all elements at a very low temperature.

Does the pizzazz presto pizza oven properly cook pizza?

It’s one of the best items they’ve ever owned, most people who have this electric pizza oven say. It was given to some people as a gift and they thought they would leave it in a dust collecting cupboard – and then try it and use it all the time now.

The kids love to watch them cook. Parents enjoy the fact that it keeps children quiet! Everyone likes the fact that fresh or frozen pizza, thin-crust, or deep pan are cooked equally well. To make the variations in texture and cooking times, just use the timer.

With this, Presto helps you out because they provide a helpful guide, suggesting cooking times for various styles of pizza. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t expect all the pizzas to cook at the same speed.

That is really connected to all the negative feedback about this unit. Customers do not allow various cooking times, and in the middle, report a pizza left uncooked.

I’ve got a traditional oven. Why would I need an electric oven for pizzas?

The pizzazz presto pizza oven is an appliance with a variation. It does not take time to heat up, so as soon as you switch it on, it starts cooking.

It saves energy right from the start because of that. It is projected by the manufacturers that its operating costs would be around 60 percent lower than for a traditional oven.

And it just heats itself and the pizza — not the whole kitchen. No more sweltering days of summer standing above a hot stove!

Who will the pizzazz presto pizza oven be particularly useful for?

Anybody, more or less!

For small spaces, it is perfect because it’s so lightweight, so it would be appreciated by anyone with a ‘bijou’ cooking area.

Students will find it beneficial because the use of electricity is so effective and thus very economical to operate.

This could make a great wedding present, particularly for those newly-weds who might be working full time and are too exhausted at the end of their working day to cook properly. It’s also a nice anniversary present.

Perhaps best of all for a young family, the pizzazz presto pizza oven is a fantastic device. Get the children to make healthy pizzas of their own and watch them cook!

Is pizzazz presto pizza oven is the right oven for pizzas?

From over 8,435 ratings, pizzazz presto pizza oven gets a really impressive 4.7-star rating out of 5 on Amazon and all of the (many!) YouTube video reviews are positive. It’s loved by people!

Pizzazz presto pizza oven: top tips for best use

A really significant feature in terms of ensuring that your pizza is properly cooked is the dual control (top and bottom cooking times). Many people think it’s a ‘one size fits all’ machine and cook every pizza for the same length of time and at the same temperature. It isn’t.

Start with the bottom element on its own for ten minutes for fresh pizza dough and then add the top element, cooking both top and bottom for 10 more minutes.

Cook the base first for two to three minutes for frozen pizza, before adding in the top element.

Take it off the machine and immediately put it on a wire rack covered with kitchen paper to prevent the base from going soft. The paper would absorb the steam and the foundation can remain crisp.

Don’t expect to cook all of the pizza toppings at the same speed. It takes a much shorter time for a Margherita pizza with only cheese and tomatoes than an all-singing, all-dancing topping!

In particular, when sliding the pizza off the plate, use non-stick tools. And do not attempt to cut the pizza on the plate in any conditions – you can ruin the non-stick coating.

If the plate is broken, note that you can buy a replacement from Amazon.

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven Baking Tips

You must have found the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven if you are mad about pizza.

The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven makes frozen pizza taste better than a normal oven, just in case you didn’t remember. It doesn’t need preheating, so less energy is used. It doesn’t hog up the kitchen counter room because it’s compact.

Here are a few important tips from Pizzazz Presto Pizza Oven users that might help you get the most out of your experience of baking and eating pizza.

1. You don’t just have to bake your frozen pizza. New or homemade pizza can be prepared from scratch.

2. While the instruction manual for the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven recommends only baking pizza, owners have used it to bake foods such as chicken strips, croissants, potato wedges, quesadillas, hash browns, burgers, and can you even believe trout?

3. You should add ingredients when it is baking since the pizza bakes on a revolving pan, which is not enclosed but in the open.

4. The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven will simultaneously or independently heat both the top and the bottom of the pizza. To control how you like your pizza, use this feature — whether for a crispier crust, browner toppings, or both.

5. In general, the baking times for the Pizzazz Presto pizza maker found in the instruction manual and mentioned in the oven itself must be followed. But some users have suggested adding to the baking time up to five more minutes.

6. Scratches are unavoidable for any nonstick form of bakeware. To extend the life of the nonstick pan, make sure you use nonstick surface safe utensils — rubber or plastic.

7. Before you cut it, stop damaging your non-stick pan by moving the pizza to another plate or board.

8. You don’t need to spread the nonstick pan with oil or butter to keep the pizza from sticking. Some users, however, recommend brushing it to give the pizza the flavor of the pizzeria with a teaspoon of olive oil.

9. The nonstick pan can get really hot, so make sure you keep it away from little kids using oven mitts. Before handling it with your bare hands, you should also allow it to cool down.

10. The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven is cheap, so you can purchase one for work or as a present for someone you know who loves pizza as well.

Presto Pizzazz rotating pizza oven: Conclusions.

This machine might be a real bonus if you love pizza but don’t have much time to make it.

*It’s really energy efficient and in the long run, it will save you money.
*Excellent for students and young families in particular.
*A gift with a difference!

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