Top Oculus Quest 2 Games to Buy and Play in USA 2022

Top Oculus Quest 2 Games to Buy and Play in USA 2021

Top oculus quest 2 games: We are doing it a bit differently this time. Instead of naming our top 20. We wanted to suggest our favorite games in each genre to make it more diverse than other lists out there.

1. Action

If you’re looking for adrenaline, then the obvious one is SUPERHOT VR. But you heard that before, as it’s on everyone’s top list and we don’t disagree, but we want this list to be more varied, so my choice for action is: Jurassic World Aftermath, where you have to hide from vicious raptors as you try to recover valuable information in an abandoned research facility on Isla Nublar.

But it gets intense as if you’re caught; you’re dead. So while you explore, solve light puzzles, you also need to distract the raptors or hide from them under the tables or in lockers. This one will get your heart pumping. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

Do keep in mind that the virtual reality game is released in parts and the first part ends rather abruptly. It may be worth it to wait until the DLC is released later this year. Unfortunately, this wasn’t communicated clearly, which caused some backlash from the community, but t’s a well-made and exciting game if you can look through that. 

2. Adventure.

But let’s move on to Red Matter. An adventure VR game set in a dystopian Cold War on an alien planet, you are an agent and astronaut dispatched to investigate an abandoned research facility. The game is good at giving you goosebumps as the mystery story unfolds, but not only that, it also has fantastic puzzles and smoothly implemented game controls. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

And it’s one of the best, if not the best looking games on the Quest store. If you’re looking for a more magical adventure, though, then check out The Wizards as it has you casting magic by memorizing hand gestures, and we think that’s so cool to do in VR. We think the next one is the most populated multiplayer game right now: POPULATION: ONE. 

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3. Battle Royale – Team-Based

This is like Fortnite but then in VR, and it’s done well! It’s a battle royale where you squad up with three people and you work together to try to become the last team standing. There are some cool mechanics in the game as it features building, gliding, and climbing anything you want.

It does have a simple weapon handling system, but that does not make the game anything less addictive. However, if you’re looking for a different team-based battle that’s free. Try out the thrilling zero-gravity disc throwing sports game: Echo VR. 

4. Creative – Art

If your heart needs some rest from all that action, then VR is also a nice tool to create some art. Since this week, Gravity Sketch is a great option as it went free. This is an intuitive 3D design app. And even if you’re not good at drawing, like me, it’s still awesome to give it a try, and if you have a 3D printer, you can easily print out your designs, which is pretty magical. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

If you’re looking to paint more. Then try out Tilt Brush. Although, it was just announced like today or yesterday that Tilt Brush is now open source, so it could be that this app might be available for free in the future.

5. Dungeon Crawler

On to my favorite dungeon crawler in VR is Until You Fall, a hack-and-slash rogue-lite in a beautiful neon world where you engage in satisfying melee battles with magic-infused monsters. This a fun dungeon crawler with character progression, and no crawl is the same as the levels are randomized. It’s also a physically active game so get ready for probably the most fun workout you ever had. 

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6. Experiences  – Interactive Story

One of my favorite sagas is Star Wars, so when Vader Immortal came out, We immediately tried it and found it awesome as it includes some of the things any Star Wars fan would love. There is Lightsaber combat, learning The Force, Blaster action, and you’ll meet Darth Vader himself up-close. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

There are 3 episodes of each about 30 to 45 minutes long. It may be a little short, but we think it’s worth it and since it’s a story of its own, it’s also enjoyable for those that don’t know much about Star Wars. If you’re looking for a different interactive story, then try out Accounting Plus.

It’s voiced by comedic legends like Justin Roiland, so get ready for dark-ish humor, and characters that will try to annoy you as much as possible. The humor is definitely not for everyone, but we enjoyed it throughout. 

7. First Person Shooters – FPS

First-person shooters, then Onward and Contractors are not to be missed. Both are military simulators with realistic gunplay mechanics, customizable loadout systems, and multiple competitive online and offline game modes. In comparison, we think Onward has a steeper learning curve since it’s a little bit more realistic and is best played with a team of people. We think Contractors is easier to get into. But both are solid games. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

8. Hand Tracking

We feel like hand-tracking should be its own game genre for now as there are not many games that support it, yet there is so much potential. We especially like the implementation in Vacation Simulator as it was already a fun game to dive into, full of cute puzzles, and it’ll give you a comedic vacation experience, which is really nice in these times.

Oculus’s hand tracking feature is still experimental, so it may not always work well. But still, we think it’s a lot of fun to it out. Plus if you don’t like it, you can always switch back to controllers.

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9. Movies – Theater

So we think this may be the most unique VR game on this list. This is The Under Presents. In this game, you can enjoy three game modes. First, there’s an interactive story to watch, second, there is an online multiplayer hub with pre-recorded performances to enjoy, and here, you may encounter real people, but since you cannot talk to each other, it’s always a fun guessing game who is real or not.

The last game mode is a limited event; live shows with real actors. You’ll need to buy a ticket, but this was one of the most fun things we did last year, so I’m hoping we’ll see more of these. 

10. Multiplayer – Social VR

Talking about multiplayer, let’s move on to social VR games. And well, usually, two games will come into mind, Rec Room and VRChat. But these games are also on everyone’s list and yes, we agree, you have to try them! But we also got another suggestion for you.

As the name gives it away, Pokerstars VR is a game where you play poker, but then with others online. It’s super fun because you can handle the chips and cards like you would in real life. There are also interactive things to do, like props and toys to unlock and then summon on the table, which always makes it fun. ore game is free, which is enough if you just want to enjoy a night of poker casually. 

11. Music – Rhythm

Now, when we say music rhythm game in VR, everyone knows Beat Saber. And yes, that’s still my go-to rhythm game. But we got another suggestion, and that’s Pistol Whip! we love Pistol Whip as it combines a cinematic bullet hell with EDM music and it’ll give your legs a workout instead of just your arms while you feel like the star of an action movie like John Wick. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

It’s a unique game with epic soundtracks. But the music may not be everyone’s thing but we personally love all the songs as it’s a great match with the game’s style. 

12. Oculus Link (PC VR)

For those who own a VR-ready PC, we wanted to include Oculus Link as a separate category. Here I’ll let you know my two favorite PC VR games as many of you ask about them. First, it’s Asgard’s Wrath. This mythical Norse adventure gives a great sense of scale as you play from both a mortal’s perspective on the ground and a God with a top-down view.

Combine that with exciting melee combat and about 40 hours of the story; it’s just a game to lose yourself in. And to no surprise, probably, Half-Life: Alyx is my top favorite PC VR game. Never has a game left such a long-lasting impression, and still, we sometimes enjoy diving in and checking out the mods. We can’t imagine you haven’t tried it yet if you use Oculus Link, but if you haven’t, you definitely should. 

13. Party Game – Family

The next game genre is maybe perfect for those in lockdown, but only if you have a big family. Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels is a local multiplayer game where the VR player plays with up to eight others on mobile phones. The VR player takes on the role of a large tree that possesses golden acorns.

The other side, the mobile players, are the thieving squirrels who need to work together to steal the acorns. Whoever has the acorns when the time passes wins, it’s such a fun party game. So if you can, try it out with friends or family. 

14. Platformer

When we bought a VR headset, we didn’t think platformer games would lend themselves so well to VR. Moss is such a game. Here, you play from a first and third-person perspective simultaneously. In the third person, you control a little mouse named Quill using traditional buttons.

You also help out in first-person by manipulating the environment and helping Quill get through or solving puzzles together. The developers did an amazing job at building a bond that will make you do your ultra-best not to hurt Quill. It is a pretty short game, but we think it’s still worth it. And if you’ve finished it and looking for more, Ghost Giant is also a charming platformer. 

15. Puzzle

Now, if you are a puzzler, then the pretty newly released MYST will get you your fix. Myst is a franchise of adventure puzzle games, with the first game released back in 1993. The developers reimagined the world for VR, and they’ve done an incredible job.

The game is set on an island where you have to solve challenging puzzles to unfold a mystery surrounding a family betrayal. It’s a game solely focused on puzzles and exploration. So you might get stuck if you’re a newbie to the game, but if you’re not scared of that, then you should not miss this one.

And if you want a more casual puzzle game, we recommend checking out Down The Rabbit Hole as well. This is a short game set in the Alice In Wonderland universe, but so charming and enjoyable. 

16. Relax – Meditation

Then after a long workday, you may want to empty your mind. We think VR is perfect for relaxation and meditation. We have two favorite games here; one of them is Tetris Effect. Just check that out if you like Tetris. And another title you may not have heard of is Fujii, which is a musical gardening experience.

Your task is to bring dormant landscapes back to life by restoring native flora through light, water, and harmony. It may sound vague, but it has great sound design and user interaction that blend so well together to make this one of the best VR games to relax in. 


When we talk about RPGs, we want a character to level up, dress up, and adventure with. There’s only one VR game that really that has most of the MMORPG elements in there, and that’s OrbusVR: Reborn. It includes leveling up, classes, dungeons, raids, guilds, and even dragon pets.

While it may not be the prettiest game, it did get Chary, and we really addicted to it. But we do recommend finding someone to play with as we think the game thrives the most in multiplayer. If you don’t have anyone to play with and still want a fun light RPG, then we recommend Journey Of The Gods. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

This is an epic quest against the forces of evil, you play as both the hero on the ground, but you can also turn in a god and use their powers. There is a variety of fun mechanics in here to make it one of my favorite Quest games. 

18. Stealth

If you’re looking for something stealthy, there is no doubt that Phantom Covert Ops is my go-to. In here, you are an elite covert operative who only has one night to prevent all-out war. The game sets itself apart from every game on this list with its unique locomotion. The whole game is played on a kayak, and to move around, you have to use your arms to paddle. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

Inside your kayak, you have the weapons and equipment needed to ambush enemies in combat or hide in reed and sneak around. We think the developers did a great job with the innovative locomotion as it works so well in VR, making the whole experience very immersive

19. Survival

Okay, on to survival, and that’s an easy one for me. This is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. We think this game has set the bar for all VR games with its incredibly polished physics-based zombie-slaying action, but not only that, every design choice made in this game will make you feel like you really stepped into The Walking Dead apocalypse. Top oculus quest 2 games 2021.

Add in human enemies, side-missions, and even disturbing choices to make that could change the story’s course. We think this is one of Quest’s most extensive games, and if you don’t mind the scary aspect of it, we highly recommend it. 

20. Visual Novel – Anime, Manga

Now the last category we wanted to talk about isn’t very standard, but we personally love manga and anime. So we wanted to talk about a Visual Novel that came out recently that could get your manga fix. This is ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos.

It takes place 200 years in the future where you play Lieutenant Chloe, a mecha pilot defending humankind against massive hostile organisms known as the Meteroa. It is a Visual Novel, meaning you will be reading and listening to a lot instead of doing it.

The interaction is minimal; it’s more about the story and the choices you make. The game contains multiple unlockable endings, and it’s advised not to stop playing after completing one run. Be warned that the graphics are not like a standard game, it is entirely in 360 VR, but not all elements are 3D for example.

Think of it as you’ve entered a manga. So we don’t think this is for everyone, but if you enjoy anime, then with the 15 hours or so playtime, we do think it’s worth checking out.


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