What is Oculus VR Air Bridge? Oculus Wifi Dongle 2022

VR Air Bridge

Currently, Quest headsets are wirelessly tethered to PCs via Air Link, but a dedicated Wi-Fi 6 USB Adapter like the VR Air Bridge would greatly enhance your VR experience with greater frame rates and quality graphics, giving you more enjoyable gameplay.

You don’t have to word about the distance between your router and solid objects interfering with your connection.

Taking advantage of the VR Air Bridge will improve the wireless PCVR experience on Quest 2. It’s possible that Meta and D-Link will launch a new USB adapter soon.

What is the VR Air Bridge?

VR Air Bridge is a new wireless VR wifi dongle for Oculus Quest 2 seamless gameplay. It will allow users to play Air Link wireless PC VR games on their PC with a better quality connection by using the Wi-Fi dongle. 

The dongle is reportedly based on an existing based on DWA-X1850, Wi-Fi 6 USB 3.0 adapter. It has been reported that Meta and D-Link are developing a new Oculus Quest 2 wireless adapter for gaming PCs. 

It’s rumored that the VR Air Bridge is based on a Wi-Fi 6 USB adapter, but it will provide a direct connection to the Quest 2, as opposed to your home network.

With the device, you can connect to your computer directly for high-speed Wi-Fi 6 (up to 1800 Mbps) as well as secure network access via WPA3. 

Virtual reality gamers who enjoy playing wireless PC VR games with the Meta Quest 2 may be interested in a new USB adapter in development that could produce even better wireless performance.

A new VR Air Bridge adapter was discovered on Twitter by software engineer @ItsKaitlyn03 as part of a new Oculus driver update package.

Katie says the VR Air Bridge uses a D-Link AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 USB Adapter, priced at about $69 on Amazon.

This adapter is designed to provide Wi-Fi to a computer without a dedicated Wi-Fi card, but VR Air Bridge would provide a dedicated Wi-Fi 6 network that would facilitate a wireless connection with the Oculus Quest 2.

VR Air Bridge’s interesting specs:

  • Next-generation of USB dongle that instantly upgrades your PC or Laptop to Wi-Fi 6.
  • AX1800 Supports up to 600 (2.4 GHz) / 1200 (5 GHz) Mbps frequencies.
  • A fast and efficient WiFi connection is ensured by OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies.
  • Your network will be protected by WPA3’s latest security features.
  • Windows 10 driver installation automatically.

In addition to the “VR Air Bridge,” there are other wireless PCVR solutions out there you could use. However, having the “VR Air Bridge” would surely improve the experience.

Currently, this is likely just a product Meta is testing and may or may not release at some point in the future. However, it’s expected to improve Oculus Air Link quality.

As of now, the quality of your wireless PC VR is entirely dependent on how well your router performs. 

With good Wi-Fi 6 routers, you should be able to get decent performance – especially if you set your router’s software to prioritize network traffic between your PC and Quest 2. 

But a dedicated USB adapter would probably prove to be the absolute best way to experience PCVR on Quest 2 without having to worry about other network traffic getting in the way.

VR Air Bridge Conclusion

As of yet, we prefer Virtual Desktop for wireless PC VR, which, like Oculus Air Link, lets you wirelessly stream your PC’s desktop to Quest 2.

Air Link and Virtual Desktop both make it easy to play PC VR games on a Quest 2, although Virtual Desktop offers more customization options and a higher-quality picture. The release of VR Air Bridge could change all of that.

The Oculus Quest 2 wireless VR Air Bridge adapter has yet to be officially announced by Meta, which means it might just be an experiment for now.

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