Virtuix Omni One VR Treadmill Review 2024 – Best VR Walking & Running Platform

Best VR Walking & Running Platform Omni One VR Treadmill Review

VR treadmill pioneer Virtuix has come a long way since its inception a decade ago. Virtuix’s original goal was to develop a virtual reality treadmill for customers, but the device’s complexity and price made that goal difficult to achieve.

However, the business has returned with a new product: Virtuix Omni One, following a pivot to the out-of-home VR attraction industry with Omni Arena.

This VR treadmill is the dream come true for a gamer who’s also a fitness enthusiast. Omni One is the world’s first Omnidirectional VR treadmill that allows VR users to walk and run in 360 degrees within video games and other virtual environments.

Virtuix’s “Omni” technology makes virtual reality more tactile and engaging by allowing users to move about while wearing a headset.

The VR running platform provides a 360-degree environment, allowing users to run or walk in any direction within their games.

Virtuix Omni One Unboxing
Virtuix Omni One Unboxing

The Evolution from Omni Arena to Omni One

The Virtuix Omni One represents the culmination of years of development and learning from the Omni Arena experience. This all-in-one system takes a different approach compared to its predecessors.

Virtuix Omni One
Virtuix Omni One

Rather than simply selling a VR treadmill, Virtuix is offering a complete package that includes the redesigned VR treadmill, a VR headset, and access to a library of custom-made content.

This approach reflects the company’s commitment to addressing key problems and delivering a seamless and immersive experience to customers.

Redesigning the Treadmill for Greater Freedom of Movement

Virtuix Omni One Running Pad
Virtuix Omni One Running Pad

The original Omni treadmill had a support ring that was too tight, making it difficult for users to stoop, lean, and move their arms freely while working out. Because of this restriction, Virtux rethought the treadmill’s design for Omni One.

The revolutionary design of the arm support provides unrestricted freedom of movement in every running direction. This design improvement makes virtual worlds more realistic and allows for more natural user interaction.

Standalone VR Headset and Simplified Setup

Virtuix Omni One setup
Virtuix Omni One setup

Virtuix also addressed the difficulty of using regular PC-based VR systems. Although Omni One can technically function with PC VR setups, the company chose to ship the Pico Neo 3 VR headset instead.

Users no longer have to deal with complicated PC setups and cords, making for a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Additionally, Virtuix has developed its own “first steps” experience that walks users through the fundamentals of using a controller and moving in virtual reality.

Features and Pricing of Omni One

Virtuix Omni One VR Treadmill
Virtuix Omni One VR Treadmill

The Omni One package includes not only the redesigned treadmill and VR headset but also access to the Omni storefront with curated content tailored for the VR treadmill experience. 

Despite its higher price tag of $2,595 plus shipping, the package offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking a truly immersive home VR setup. 

Virtuix also offers a financing option at $65 per month, making the Omni One more accessible to a wider audience.

Omni One is a leading VR entertainment system that includes a standalone virtual reality headset as well as an online game store.

  • Crouching, strafing, kneeling, and jumping are all examples of unrestricted movement.
  • Easy to fold up and store away
  • Designed to fit in a living room or any other room in your house.
  • Compact (4-ft. diameter)
  • A standalone virtual reality headset is included (no PC or cables needed)
  • At launch, Virtuix and third-party studios will have 30 great titles available.

Additional Information About Virtuix Omni One

Virtuix Omni One
Virtuix Omni One

The Omni One VR running and walking platform was created by a virtual reality startup company named Virtuix, and it is supported by shrewd businessman Mark Cuban and other significant investors.

The omnidirectional VR treadmill firm Virtuix has sold commercial Omni systems for over ten million dollars to amusement centers in 45 countries, including Dave & Buster’s. The Omni VR treadmill from Virtuix will soon be available in Omni One, a consumer-grade version.

An extensive full-body controller is part of this thrilling immersive experience, which has been transformed into a challenging workout in the convenience of your living room. With the help of this cutting-edge device, you can run, jump, and crouch.

The Omni One is a unique type of treadmill that features a harness, a modern low-friction platform, and low-friction shoe covers. while a result, you are securely held in place by the VR running gadget while your feet move across the surface.

Since the Omni One is smaller than previous versions, the house is the perfect setting for it. It ties the VR player to a single vertical bar rather than a ring that surrounds the entire VR treadmill. It can also be folded up for simple storage.

The games come from a special store that will open with 30 games and will also provide games from third parties and other immersive experiences that Virtuix will create. According to some, several of them resemble “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty.”

Content and Future Prospects

Virtuix Omni One Shoe Trackers
Virtuix Omni One Shoe Trackers

Virtuix’s focus on offering its own first-party games through the Omni storefront ensures a tailored experience that maximizes the treadmill’s capabilities. Although compatibility with third-party VR content may expand in the future, the initial emphasis on curated content reflects Virtuix’s dedication to providing a high-quality experience right from the start.

Shipping and Availability

After initial delays due to the pandemic, Virtuix has started shipping Omni One units to early investors, signaling a step towards the planned consumer launch later this year. The company’s history of successful crowdfunding campaigns and investor interest demonstrates a significant demand for the product.

Crowdfunding News of the Omni One VR Treadmill

Virtuix Omni One setup and height adjustmenu
Virtuix Omni One setup and height adjustmenu

The CEO of the company, Jan Goetgeluk, claims that the Omni One “frees you up so you’re no longer confined by the limiting space of your home.” He claimed that with the aid of an online investment platform named SeedInvest, the business successfully completed its Series A-2 fundraising round, which included a fundraising campaign under SEC Regulation A (“Reg A”). Reg A permits non-accredited investors to purchase shares from qualified private enterprises.

Additionally, Goetgeluk stated, “The money raised will be used to market our upcoming VR product Omni One.” “We added a $2 million extension round to our SeedInvest ‘Reg A’ campaign because it was $3 million oversubscribed. In this round, we raised $19 million altogether.The business employs 35 people.

With the Reg A campaign, Virtuix made it possible for anyone to own shares of their business for just $1,000. More than 6,500 investors took part in the round.

Gaming on Virtuix Omni One
Gaming on Virtuix Omni One

At debut, Omni One will have a gaming store with 30 games, including hits from third parties and Virtuix-developed games. According to Virtuix’s website, Omni One will cost $ 2,295 (upfront purchase) (or $65 per month on a monthly payment plan). The Omni One is comparable in price to mid-range gaming PCs or linked exercise equipment like a Peloton bike at this pricing.

Virtuix has long been a favorite of mine. The company was started by Goetgeluk in April 2013 and has experienced several ups and downs since then. Approximately 4,000 Omni systems have been delivered to more than 500 commercial entertainment venues worldwide.

Omniverse, a proprietary Virtuix content platform with 24 VR games and integrated esports competitions, has been used by over two million users. To date, Virtuix has raised close to $35 million.

Conclusion: The Future of VR Treadmills

Virtuix’s journey from the original Omni treadmill to Omni One highlights the company’s commitment to refining and innovating within the VR treadmill space. While challenges remain, the Omni One represents a promising step towards providing an immersive and interactive home VR experience.

As the VR industry continues to evolve, products like the Omni One contribute to the ongoing exploration of new ways to interact with virtual environments, ultimately bringing us closer to the vision of fully immersive digital worlds.


What is Virtuix Omni One?

The Virtuix Omni One is a complete virtual reality system that comes with an updated VR treadmill, a specially made VR headset (the Pico Neo 3), and access to a selection of carefully chosen material. Users are able to walk around and communicate in virtual spaces physically.

How Much Virtuix Raise From Crowdfunding?

Virtuix’s Omni One virtual reality treadmill received more than $19 million in fundraising in its most recent round from more than 6,500 investors.
The money will be used by the Austin, Texas-based Virtuix to create and market Omni One, a consumer VR Omnidirectional treadmill that enables users to run and stroll inside well-known video games and virtual worlds.

How does Virtuix Omni One differ from its predecessors?

Virtuix Omni One improves PC-based VR setup. It has a standalone VR headset and a redesigned treadmill with arm support for more movement.

Virtuix Omni One VR Treadmill Release Date?

The Omni One was released in late 2021, according to the company.

What challenges did Virtuix face with its original VR treadmill?

The original VR treadmill faced challenges such as limited freedom of movement due to a support ring design, and the complexity of setting up and maintaining PC-based VR systems.

What is the pricing of Virtuix Omni One?

The Virtuix Omni One package, which includes the VR treadmill, Pico Neo 3 headset, and curated content access, is priced at $2,595 plus shipping. There’s also an option to finance the Omni One for $65 per month.

Can I use Omni One with my existing PC VR setup?

While Omni One can technically be used with a PC VR setup, the package includes a standalone Pico Neo 3 headset. The company’s focus is on providing an integrated and user-friendly experience out of the b

How does Virtuix ensure user safety with the Omni One?

Omni One features a movable arm and shoulder strap that provide safety and stability while users move on the treadmill. The design prevents users from running off the edge.

How can I get the Omni One at a discounted price?

Through Virtuix’s crowd-investment campaign, backers have the opportunity to receive a 30% discount on Omni One’s listed price. The campaign has already raised significant funds for the product.

Is Virtuix Omni One suitable for fitness and workouts?

Yes, Virtuix Omni One serves as a treadmill that allows users to engage in physical movement while immersed in virtual environments, making it suitable for fitness and workouts.

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