What Are the Best VR Mats for Virtual Reality Gaming 2023?

What Are the Best VR Mats for Virtual Reality Gaming

VR gaming is getting more popular these days. You may accidentally hurt your family members, break the laptop monitor, tv, objects and appliances, etc while playing VR games wearing a VR headset and VR Controller. You could also injure yourself or hit your head on the wall.

To prevent these accidents, you have to stay in one place and know your central location while playing. For this, you have to use VR treadmills while using virtual reality.

Now the problem is VR treadmills are expensive and yet they are for commercial use. But the good news is companies are working to release VR treadmills consumers’ versions soon.

However, That’s why to get rid of these problems you need to use the best VR floor mat. VR safety mats help you to stay balanced and centered. We have listed the top 7 best VR floor mats for virtual reality gaming.

1. ProxiMat 35″ VR Mat – Super Soft Large Mat for Virtual Reality

ProxiMat is one of the best and useful VR mats for VR users. The mat will keep you in balance and comfortable while exploring Virtual Reality.

The ProxiMat is made of Anti-fatigue memory foam that’s why it is soft enough to make an impression. This soft foam allows you to play for long periods without becoming tired.

The VR mat offers two different sizes depending on your room size. Respectively, A 23-inch and a 35-inch size are available for small and large rooms.

ProxiMat will support you in remaining in a safe zone within your play space. It has a forward and center face button to make you aware of your position on the mat.

The mat can be used almost everywhere, from your house to hotel rooms and even schools. It makes use of anti-fatigue foam with just the right thickness and texture for a safe and comfortable virtual reality experience. The mat also has a non-porous surface that makes cleaning and maintaining it a breeze.

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2. IncStores Thick Jumbo Soft Foam VR Gaming Mat

The IncStores Jumbo mat is a 7/8″ thick, durable mat that can be used for different types of exercise. It comes in two color schemes that you can switch between as needed (black/grey or red/blue).

It can be used for playroom, martial arts studio, MMA gym, Judo, and even as a virtual reality floor mat at the home gym. You don’t need to tape or glue it to take on place because it’s quite stable on the ground and it has temperature & sound-insulating features.

It is suitable for both children and adults, as it is made of safe and high-quality EVA foam that is free of harmful ingredients such as lead, formaldehyde, and other allergies.

It can be used without the usage of foot covers. If you do have to wear one, make sure it doesn’t have sharp heels to avoid drilling holes in the mat. The mat’s Soft tiles are waterproof and easy to clean.

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3. VR Ninjas Virtual Reality Gaming Mat

The mat has ninja stars on the upper side and a smooth side on the back, making it ideal for virtual reality gaming. This way, even if you’re focused on your game, you can figure out where you are.

It offers anti-fatigue features, as well as anti-slip material with just the right feel and stiffness to keep you balanced and comfortable throughout virtual reality. Ninja VR rug contains Two Toe Home Keys so you find your center without looking at the rug.

VR Ninjas’ thick floor mat claims to support your joints and relieves foot pressure so that you can enjoy longer VR sessions.

The mat’s micro-textured surface and sticky gel pads on the bottom allow it to grip to any surface without sliding or moving; use it on carpets, hardwood, laminate, or tile and relax.

This virtual reality must-have accessory works with every virtual reality game system, including all VR headsets and devices, PC virtual reality accessories, PSVR games, and more!

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4. XPACK VR Floor Safety Mat

The XPACK VR mat is a comfy VR rug with a high-density core and thick cushions. You can play virtual reality games for hours without feeling fatigued or hurting your feet because of its anti-fatigue features.

The 35-inch VR walking mat maintains a tight grip on the ground. It also has the benefit of keeping you balanced while gaming and preventing slipping or falling incidents. This Virtual reality accessory prevents you from accidentally hitting your friends and family or breaking surrounding objects.

It has embossed shapes in front of the mat so you can be aware of your direction even while concentrating on your virtual reality game, so you can be safe and in control when gaming.

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5. Skywin VR Mat Round 

Have you ever hit your TV, lighting, virtual reality console, or even your friends and family while playing a fun virtual reality game? With the Skywin VR Mat Round, you can say goodbye to damaged valuables and hurt friends.

This lets you stay within the mat and choose your path during the game, preventing you from accidentally hitting and smashing objects. The front contains embossed shapes so your feet can sense which direction the front is facing.

You’ll always know where you’re going when you’re within the mat. This provides you an advantage in the game since you can stay balanced and centered. The Skywin VR Safety Floor Mat Round will improve your safety and comfort.

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6. Asterion Origin Virtual Reality Floor Orientation Mat

The Origin is ideal for gamers who are tired of crashing into their couch or are afraid of smashing their hands through their TV while playing exciting VR games such as Echo Arena, Pistol Whip, BeatSaber, Superhot, Pop One, or Onward, among many others.

In games like Supernatural or Superhot, you can freely move around the large area without worrying about getting too close to the wall. You’ll be able to quickly locate the Origin mat’s center and rotate to the front thanks to the pivot system.

The Origin VR mat, in contrast to stiffer, bulkier alternatives, is made of soft 4mm natural rubber with a durable polyester top. It’s thin enough to fold up and carry with you or store in a drawer, but it’s also strong enough to be vacuumed or wiped down to keep clean.

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7. Sponge Neoprene Rubber Mat

Sponge Neoprene may be just what you’re looking for if you want something nice and suitable for VR that is also reasonably priced. This is a good and cheap VR mat for home.

They did not design the rubber mat for VR, but it can be used as a VR standing mat. It is made of high-quality foam and has a closed cell sponge neoprene design that is resistant to air and moisture. It is also sound and vibration insulating.

Despite its 0.5-inch thickness, it has a firm yet soft feel that is gentle on the foot. Because the mat comes in a roll, you can easily cut it into sizes that are ideal for you, based on the size of your room. You can also use the entire roll to plaster your play area instead of cutting it up.

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Final Words for VR Mats

Virtual reality gaming is a great way to unwind and relax during your leisure time. However, it would be destructive if you were to break your valuable appliances or injure yourself while using virtual reality, which is where the use of VR standing mats comes in.

There are so many VR mats on the market, which can be confusing if you don’t know which to choose. All of our options are among the finest and highest-quality mats on the market. You can use these as Oculus VR mat, oculus quest 2 walking mat, and more.

VR walking mats typically cost around or more than $50. ProxiMat 35″ VR rug will be the overall best option for you, but if you need a cheap VR mat, Cleverbrand Sponge Neoprene is a good choice. Although it is not as good as our other options in terms of quality and design, it will probably be sufficient.

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