What High Tech Tactical Gear Should I Have in 2022?

What High Tech Tactical Gear Should I Have

If you’re on patrol, on a tactical mission, or exploring the wilderness, having the right High Tech Tactical Gear makes the difference between success and failure. 

There can be times when you feel threatened for your life. You should always be prepared for any situation that may arise and keep a few tactical survival gears with you at all times.

In terms of build quality, usefulness, and innovation, these tools provide outstanding results, so if you are looking for tough, ruggedized gear for basically any task, you have come to the right place.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive list of what high-tech tactical gear you should have.


In any tactical and survival situation, a tactical life is a great thing to have. Meet the SIG HOGUE EX-02 – a tactical knife made to fulfill your needs in any tactical survival situation.

A 154cm stainless steel spear point blade with a length of 3.7 inches provides a smooth cutting experience without spending too much effort.

The EX-02 has an abrasion resistance flat dark coating which protects the blade from impacts and ensures its longevity.

Moreover, the knife is equipped with an operation flip that allows you to use it one-handedly. It also features a safety switch that prevents the knife from closing while it is in use.

The Ex-02 has an ergonomic handle that provides you with a comfortable and firm grip while using the knife for a longer period.

The end of the X 2’s handle is pointed which can be used as an impact tool and comes with a reversible clip for a convenient carrying experience.

The Sig Hogue Ex-02 knife is a must-have tactical gear to have at hand in any tactical and survival situations having excellent reviews and ratings from the customers.

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2. SureFire M600U Scout Light

The proper light source is an essential addition for any kind of tactical survival situation. That’s why you should have SureFire Scout Light Pro to guide you through low-light conditions.

The virtually indestructible ultra-high-output LED of scout light generates 1000 lumens of blinding light a doubling filling up any area with brightness instantly.

This TIR lens provides a versatile beam with enough reach and comes in medium to long-length settings to enable you to adjust the brightness to meet your needs.

The Scout light’s hard-anodized aluminum body makes it super durable to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Its tempered window and all ring seal make it waterproof and let you use it in wet conditions confidently.

This high-tech tactical gear comes with an M75 Thumbscrew mount that attaches quickly and securely to the MIL-STD-1913 rail and ensures it doesn’t fall off while using and provides jerking-free focus light.

With good reviews and ratings from customers reports, the SureFire M600U Scout Light is a very reliable Scout light that can be used in any tactical survival situation.

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3. 5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack

A tactical backpack can be our best companion in any tactical situation. Meet the 5.11 tactical prime backpack – a feature pack backpack built to help you in any tactical and survival situation.

This backpack offers a spacious 29-liter storage space where you can stash all of your essential survival gear in one place and keep them organized.

Its zippered dual compartments can be fully opened for easy inside-out access, and its front panel lets you access the mol and slick stick compatible medical compartments.

In addition to the laptop sleeve, the Prime backpack also has a hydration compartment where you can keep fresh water in case of need.

Its padded strap evenly distributes weight on your body and lets you carry it comfortably wherever you go.

Weighing at around 4.5 pounds the Prime backpack’s durable 1050D Nylon material makes it super durable to withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you’re looking for a backpack that is lightweight and durable enough to keep with you in any tactical and survival situation then the 5.11 tactical prime bag is the right choice for you with good reviews and ratings from the customer’s reports.

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4. Head Veterans ATE GEN2 Ballistic Helmet

In any tactical and survival situation, safety is of paramount importance. This is why you should have a helmet like the Hard Head Veterans ATE GEN2 Ballistic Helmet to keep you safe.

It comes with an adaptive 3-hole shroud. This shroud is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs far less than the majority of others on the market. The shroud allows you to attach any night-vision goggles, or mobile if needed.

The ATE GEN2 comes with a law accessory rail which lets you attach other accessories with the helmet-like lights, cameras, and headset adapters, to make the helmet more feature pack.

Weighing around 3 pounds the tactical helmet shell is made from high-quality DuPont Kevlar material which makes it durable to withstand impacts while being lightweight.

The Head Veterans ATE GEN2 Ballistic Helmet is the right choice for you if you’re looking for a durable helmet with unique features and you want to mount night vision goggles on the helmet to survive any kind of tactical survival situation.

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5. Pulsar Accolade Thermal Binocular

Having a clear vision at night can be a great advantage in any tactical and survival situations. Meet the Pulsar Accolade Thermal Binocular, a professional binocular built to provide you with clear images at night.

In addition, it is equipped with a thermal imaging sensor that provides you with high-quality images in 640 x 480 resolution.

The Accolade is capable of detecting remote hot objects up to 1.8 kilometers away and offers zoom modes for an optimal balance between zoom and field of view.

This product has an adjustable dual eyepiece configuration to ensure that the interpupillary distance can be adjusted for an individual, reducing eye fatigue during long viewing sessions and enhancing the appearance of objects.

Its high refresh rate of 50Hz creates a natural lifelike image, and its 8 color modes allow you to enjoy your images in any color mode.

This high-tech binocular has built-in Wi-Fi that lets you Livestream videos on your smartphone. You can also record videos on this device. 

Thanks to its interchangeable battery, you can use it continuously for up to eight hours and its IPX7 water rating allows you to use it in the rain without any problems.

The Pulsar Accolade Thermal Binocular can show you the path in dark tactical survival situations.

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6. Vortex Razor HD 4000 Laser Range Finder

Whenever you find yourself in a situation that requires you to spot or shoot targets for a long distance, the Vortex Razor HD 4000 laser rangefinder is an essential companion that delivers ultimate performance and ranging ability.

For spotting any object within its range, it features four targeting modes: normal mode, the first mode, last mode, and extended laser range.

With preset normal target mode, the razor provides the range of the target with the strongest range result up to 2400 yards.

The first target mode locks in and displays the closest distance while panning and scanning, and it is ideal for positioning a smaller target in front of a larger or more reflective object.

The last target mode locks on and displays the farthest distance while panning and scanning, making it ideal for measuring a target behind a group of objects like bush trees and rocks.

The ELR target mode allows for arranging smaller less reflective targets at extended distances. The targeting mode is used to range up to 4000 yards when the normal mode is unable to achieve the desired angle, which is why a tripod is necessary.

The range finder also has horizontal component distance range mode scanned ranging and line-of-sight mode for the ultimate jobs. 

The Vortex Razor HD RangeFinder can help you tackle any tactical survival situation with confidence.

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7. Trijicon REAP-IR Thermal Sight

If you are hunting at night or are in a technical situation, a thermal sight can be an excellent tool to have. Introducing the Trijicon REAP-IR, a thermal rifle scope that will help you survive in any survival or tactical situation.

The device comes with a powerful thermal imaging sensor capable of providing 640 by 480 resolution images even in the darkest of situations.

Furthermore, it features 8 times digital zoom so that you can have a close-up view of your target. In the REAP-IR you can view your target with greater precision thanks to edge detection technology.

It also has easy to control polarity mode that lets you switch between 3 levels of white-hot and 3 levels of black hot.

This high-tech tactical gear comes with a camera that provides you a smooth and stable experience at a 60Hz refresh rate while its multi-directional thumbstick lets you control the scope easily.

The REAP-IR is made of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and is waterproof up to one meter, so you can use it even in wet conditions.

Having excellent customer reviews and ratings, the REAP-IR is the right choice for you if you are looking for rifle scope with a thermal sight.

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8. Garmin MARQ Commander

Garmin is known for making smartwatches with GPS navigation systems and state-of-the-art technology, and the Garmin Mark Your Commander is no exception, which was designed to be with you no matter where you are in a tactical survival situation.

This high-tech tactical watch features a 1.2-inch LCD display that allows you to view your everyday status in vibrant colors while its circular dial lets you interact with the watch conveniently.

You can use the MARQ commander anywhere you go because it comes with multiple sensors including GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and gyro.

As a daily activity tracker, you can use the MARQ to monitor your heart rate, sleep quality, steps taken, and many other things all from your wrist.

It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can connect it to your smartphone to receive notifications, like text messages and calls.

The device also has a Find My Phone feature, which you can use to locate your lost phone easily. The DLC coated titanium bezel and nylon strap of the SmartWatch make it tough enough to endure harsh weather conditions.

The MARQ Commander is also waterproof up to 1080 M so that you can wear it in rainy days with confidence.

The Garmin MARQ Commander is the right choice for you if you are looking for a smartwatch that can accurately guide you in any tactile survival situation with great user acceptance.

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9. Steiner PVS-21 Night Vision Goggle

Steinar optics has been making great quality binoculars and night-vision goggles with passion for a long time. Meet the Steiner PVS 21 night vision goggle that has been designed for aggressive spatial operations in any environment. 

Using multiple mirrors and prisms, the PVS-21 gives you a wide-angle view with razor-sharp clarity so you can see objects in great detail at any time.

Its night vision camera features 2 IR LEDs which lets you spot an object even in the darkest night with accuracy. The helmet mount is universal, so you can mount it on any helmet or head harness easily and have a secure fit.

A PVS-21 comes in four color modes, including edge detection, so you can see your target clearly so there’s no doubt that you’ve hit your target.

It runs on a single AA interchangeable battery which provides a long battery backup on any mission without interruption.

The Steiner PVS 21 night vision goggle is an excellent choice if you are looking for a night vision goggle that can show you your path in the night in any tactical survival situation.

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10. TACTEC Plate Carrier Tactical Vest

No matter what your mission is or what you need to deal with in an emergency, a tactical vest keeps you safe. That’s why we have the TACTEC Plate Carrier Tactical Vest available for you.

With the Cordura 500d nylon material, this tactical vest is lighter yet extremely durable, and it shields your chest from external attacks while maintaining extreme comfort.

In addition, it is designed with various pockets to keep all your essential equipment in an organized manner so that you can find them easily in an emergency.

Its water-resistant coating allows you to carry it in dusty or wet conditions without having to worry about it getting damaged.

Its oversized airflow panels ensure proper air circulation inside your body and keep you cool all the time.

As a whole, the TACTEC Plate Carrier Tactical Vest is an excellent tactical vest that provides comfort without sacrificing protection.

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11. NITECORE P20iX Tactical Flashlight

Find your way at night more accurately with the NITECORE P20iX, a high-class, extreme tactical flashlight that works as your best companion in darker conditions.

With up to 4000 lumens output, it is bright enough to see in the darkest night and disorients an attacker if they are close to you.

This tactical flashlight is so compact that you can keep it in any corner of your bag and carry it wherever you go.

Regarding its battery life, it offers 350 hours of ultra-long runtime, so you can use it for an extended period without worrying about draining the battery.

Briefly, the NITECORE P20iX tactical flashlight is a great tool for self-defense, as well as for emergency situations.

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12. 5.11 Speed 3.0 Jungle Rapid Dry Boot

Protect your feet from injury with the 5.11 speed 3.0 jungle rapid dry boot, a durable, comfortable, and rugged shoe that provides better protection to your legs.

A combination of synthetic leather and 16ADD nylon material provides extreme comfort and toughness.

Further, its ASTM oil and slip-resistant tread make this shoe an all-terrain shoe that can be worn on every rough surface without hurting your legs.

You can wear it for an extended amount of time since it’s integrated with OrthoLite Insoles that provide a relaxed placement for your leg.

The 5.11 Speed 3.0 Jungle Rapid Dry Boot provides outstanding tactical functionality while maintaining torsional stability in any adverse condition.

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How do things become tactical?

Many tactical brands design pants, boots, backpacks, gloves, and more based on tactical applications. A tactical item is one that has features, functions, or parts that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Aside from unparalleled durability, they are designed with military-inspired functionality, combat readiness, and never-ending versatility in mind.


Combat gear must endure stresses and rigors unlike any other. The gear must be built to withstand harsh impacts, multiple environments, and everyday use. 

Typically, the durability of gear depends on the materials used in its manufacture: tactical pants use tough ripstop fabric, military boots use ballistic nylon or premium leather, and gloves use thermoplastic rubber reinforcements. With these materials, the gear can withstand repeated use without losing its integrity.


Mobility is crucial to combat operations. Because of this, tactical gear is designed so that it allows a wider range of motion than typical clothing and equipment can provide. A piece of tactical gear that is designed correctly won’t slow down its user.


Tactical clothing and gear manufacturers make their clothes as comfortable as possible. In addition to feeling comfortable, tactical clothing and equipment also help to ease irritation, allowing the user to concentrate on the job.


When stealth is crucial, tactical gear can provide cover. In most cases, color is crucial. The dark uniform and black tactical boots help conceal soldiers at night. 

To gain an advantage over their enemies, soldiers use camouflage patterns on their uniforms. Often, tactical gear is designed in order to provide concealment.

Weapons Storage

Most military and law enforcement personnel using tactical gear carry a weapon. For discretion, gear must be able to accommodate a weapon while concealing it. 

Some tactical bags and packs include CCW pouches for covertly storing a handgun. Gun holsters can be worn both inside and outside tactical pants. Many tactical boots have knife pockets as well. With the right tactical gear, you can carry overtly or covertly.


Can civilians purchase tactical gear?

Sure, they can. Any tactical equipment or clothing designed for military standards can be used by civilians for specific uses.

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