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What Is Youtube Shorts & How To Make Them

What is YouTube Shorts and How Do YouTube Shorts Work? What Makes YouTube Shorts Such a Powerful Marketing Tool and Is YouTube Shorts Working For Creators? Those are legitimate queries, so all you need to know about the new feature is here!

You’ll want to pay close attention to YouTube’s new feature if you’re a small YouTuber like me or someone who’s been trying to increase your subscriber base.

Recently, YouTube came out to compete with TikTok with their new short vertical video format, and they are promoting it on the web right now.

Many experts predict that YouTube creators who take advantage of this new video format will see huge viewer growth in a very short period of time by posting video shorts to their channel. what is youtube shorts

YouTube currently does not have monetized shorts; the aim for creators, however, is to take advantage of this new chance to increase the awareness of their channel.

For creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their cell phones,” according to YouTube, “shorts are a modern short-form video experience. Shorts from YouTube are shot in a vertical shape. what is youtube shorts

The short format is open to all YouTube creators, regardless of the subscriber count, unlike YouTube stories that are only available to creators of more than 10,000 subscribers.

Shorts also appear inside the main video feed in their own section on YouTube’s mobile app. what is youtube shorts

What Is Youtube Shorts & How To Make Them

How YouTube Shorts Work

YouTube Shorts is in beta mode right now. That means only select users can completely access the feature, which for now happens to be the Indian audience of YouTube.

The rest of the world, however, isn’t limited to uploading YouTube shorts. By adding the hashtag #Shorts to vertical videos of less than 60 seconds, the platform will allow all creators to participate. YouTube is now testing a segment on its homepage to highlight videos made by a short camera, plus any vertical video posted to the platform for up to 60 seconds. what is youtube shorts

By the way, when making YouTube shorts, these are important criteria to consider. Your video has to be vertical, less than 60 seconds, and have the hashtag #Shorts In the title or description.

YouTube Shorts, in turn, is a modern edition of YouTube Stories. And YouTube also has a dedicated shelf for these stories on the mobile app’s homepage. The only issue? It’s limited to designers with over 10,000 subscribers. So ideally, if that’s where the platform is going, YouTube Shorts will give every creator an opportunity to excel at short-video making.

What Makes YouTube Shorts A Powerful And Great Marketing Tool?

This latest video format is being actively promoted by YouTube, resulting in a lot more views for creators as the inventory of shorts is still fairly limited.

In reality, because of this new feature, short videos that were produced years ago are now seeing a huge increase in views. what is youtube shorts

Each short also has a subscription button on the video itself for your channel. Therefore they can subscribe instantly if a viewer likes your video.

Basically, because of the increased exposure from YouTube promoting them, you can significantly increase the number of subscribers to your channel in a short period of time by making very short videos that didn’t accept much time and effort to put up.

How Long Should YouTube Shorts Be?

60 seconds or less. what is youtube shorts

Tips for Creating YouTube Shorts

Here are some fast and simple tips for making videos for the new short format for YouTube. what is youtube shorts

Recording YouTube Shorts

The best way to capture vertical videos is by using your smartphone in an upright position. By flipping it on its side, you can also use a conventional camera or Go Pro to film your images.

Create Standalone Videos

Even though 58 seconds isn’t a lot of time to get your message out because they play in a continuous sequence, your shorts should feel like a complete standalone video. The aim is not to simply build your channel’s preview video.

Repurpose Video Content

Even though YouTube shorts are in a vertical video format, that doesn’t mean your smartphone needs to shoot them.
Within your video editor, you can build a custom template that is 1080×1920 pixels (the opposite of the regular 1080p template) and split your current videos into smaller segments or mash together several videos.

Messaging for Brand

You should try to keep your shorts aligned with your brand marketing if you have a niche channel.
For example, if you usually make dog training videos, your short video could be a video of your dog showing an interesting trick.
You might say something at the end of the video to the effect of “if you like this type of content, subscribe to my channel for more tips for dog training.”

In Your Video Title, use the Hashtag #Shorts

You must use the hashtag #short at the end of your video title if you want to let YouTube know that your video was made specifically as a short. If you like, you can put the hashtag in your video description as well.


YouTube is currently choosing a picture from your video that is used on the YouTube mobile app as the thumbnail for shorts.
You can upload a custom thumbnail for the desktop edition, but you don’t need to think about making a custom thumbnail for your shorts right now because most people won’t be watching shorts on the desktop.

30-Day Shorts Challenge

I would encourage you to build and upload a “short” to your channel for the next 30 days if you are interested in playing with this new YouTube video format. what is youtube shorts

Shooting and editing would only take a couple of minutes per day. The possible payoff for your brand and channel, however, could be huge.

Every day, chances like this don’t come along and definitely don’t last forever. Let’s take advantage of the new video format and expand our channels together if you’re a tiny YouTuber like me. what is youtube shorts

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