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youtube new clips feature

Youtube New Clips Feature:

Can you clip on YouTube live? A new feature called “Clips” is being tested by YouTube, which enables users to make short, shareable segments of videos and live streams for internet-wide sharing. The functionality is currently being tested and is open to a select group of creators, enabling users to upload small video clips and gather feedback from YouTube.

The change gives a simple way for video creators and their fans to boost the popularity of a channel to expand. Since its launch of the #Shorts feature last year, YouTube seems to be opening up more to the short-form video format. If Clips on Twitch’s success is any indication, in recent memory, this might prove to be one of the most important additions to YouTube.

Clips allow creators and viewers to capture and share footage from a live stream that is between 5 and 60 seconds long. When there’s an amusing moment, an interesting quotation, an awkward blooper, an amazing play in a video game, and so on, viewers prefer to create clips from streams. youtube new clips feature

A clip has its own URL linked to it and links back to the channel of the creator. They may help the channel gain more viewers every time a viewer clips a stream and shares it. As the organization operates on customer reviews, support for the feature is also limited to desktop and Android devices. Although at the moment it is not available for iOS users, YouTube should also enable the feature for Apple devices soon.

Users will then get a draggable timeline editor to create a clip, name it, and share it through a new URL. If you wish to try it yourself, this video has clips available. See the video below for more detail, and a full video overview of Clips in action:

It’s a smart decision from YouTube because clipping is an industry norm for live streaming. Instead of asking viewers to skim through a potentially hours-long stream, you can more easily share live video content through a short video clip that can be shared via social media.

Until now, viewers had to use the watch page URL when posting YouTube videos and live streams. Only by incorporating complex parameters was it possible to start a video at a particular time. Clips will now allow users to share a portion of the video or a live stream with their own attribution, from 5 to 60 seconds. youtube new clips feature

How to create Youtube clips

YouTube tests Clips with a select group of creators and gathers feedback to further improve this feature. Clips can be created in a live stream of the creator and subsequently uploaded from the video on demand (VOD). youtube new clips feature

youtube new clips feature

You can see a clip icon under the video that looks like a pair of scissors (✂) if you are watching content from one of the channels included in the test category. You can pick a portion of the video to share with others by tapping the clip icon. YouTube does not define which channels are part of the test community, you will have to look for the icon. youtube new clips feature

How to share Youtube Clips

Add a title and click “Share Clip” and YouTube will create a URL that you can share on a particular social media site or manually. youtube new clips feature

When a clip is made by a user, it is saved in a dedicated tab that will house all the clips created by the user on YouTube. After you’ve made clips, in the left sidebar, you’ll get a clips section tab to share, remove, and manage them. The clip will be played repeatedly in the original video and loop. youtube new clips feature

“Clips” would be a useful feature not just for gamers, but for all kinds of video content creators to share short, interesting moments from their videos, to share snippets of content. youtube new clips feature

When do clips feature rolling out? 

While YouTube has not given any specific date for this feature, alpha testing has already started, with all users being able to create clips from a selected few live stream videos and non-live videos. youtube new clips feature

Here are some limitations where Youtube Clips may not be available:

  • On videos created for children.
  • Live streams over a span of 8 hours.
  • Premieres while they’re still alive.
  • If the original content is removed, set to private, or breaches the rules of the community. youtube new clips feature

Twitch vs Youtube

Another big difference from Twitch is that there’s no public listing of YouTube clips from a channel anywhere. A “popular clips” segment attached to each channel, which lists the recent top-viewed clips, is one of the best features of Twitch clips. The “popular clips” segment on Twitch acts as a crowdsourced highlight reel that is continually updated and is a great way to get a sense of a new channel or catch up on major events. YouTube clips that you’ve made are only listed in your account settings privately, making them almost like a personal, sharable bookmark.

How clips would impact the YouTube ecosystem isn’t clear. Since Twitch streams are hours long and not very shareable, clips on a live streaming site such as Twitch work. All this will definitely apply to live YouTube streams, but you will still be able to make non-live-streamed video clips, too, and YouTube is different from Twitch here. youtube new clips feature

Some Thoughts About Youtube Clips Feature

YouTubers prefer to create carefully constructed ten-minute videos designed to satisfy the recommendation engine of YouTube, “The Algorithm,” which is seen as the best way to grow an audience. Is it good for the creator if anyone makes a 60-second clip of a ten-minute video, and that goes viral instead of the video? A clip is a link to the original video time stamp, so creators will always get a view of the original video, but on watch time and other metrics, The Algorithm also scores creators.

That’s going to mess with ad-reads as well. As part of the video, bigger channels also provide integrated ad-reads, and clipping them out of a video and sharing a clip could harm the income of the creator instead. As long as the original video is at least 30 seconds long, Google says advertisements will appear on clips, so there is still some way to make money, but that makes YouTubers much more reliant on Google’s automated ad program instead of third-party ad deals that they can make with ad-reads. youtube new clips feature

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